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The List of NFLS Junior High Assignment by Computer Is Announced! So Is the Tips about the Interview That You Care !

The List of NFLS Junior High Assignment by Computer Is Announced! So Is the Tips about the Interview That You Care !

2018 Nanjing Foreign Language School enrolment to junior high computer allocation work was carried out jointly by the Admission Office of Nanjing City and Nanjing Foreign Language School,and the Vice - President Zhou Yi hosted on the site .

The Municipal People's Congress, the Municipal CPPCC, the Municipal Education System Discipline Supervisor, the Municipal Education Discipline Work Committee, the leaders from all departments of the Municipal Education Bureau, the City Education Bureau’s  legal adviser, the primary school principals and the parents representatives attended this computer assignment work, Notarization personnel were on the spot during the whole process.

This year, a total of 3067 students applied for an English proficiency interview. According to the total enrollment plan and the ratio of the examination number of 1:8,NFLS planned to enroll 380 students. 3040 students were randomly assigned by computer to participate in the NFLS interview.

This year, the English Proficiency interview was carried out in two periods, so, according to the relevant requirements of the Municipal Education Bureau this year, at this year’s allocation spot, the first 50 % of the students will automatically be arranged in the first period, and the other50 % of the students are automatically scheduled to be measured in the period accordingly.

Just now, the allocation results came out! Parents can check directly at the school gate, or at the Nanjing Foreign Language School official website ( at around 12:00.

We are here to remind all successfully allocated students and parents to NFLS,, the following content is very important, you must read carefully!

Important reminders

Those students who qualify for NFLS junior high English Proficiency interview, please carry the computer allocation receipt , the household registration book, 2 two-inch mugshots, go to NFLS (Beijing East Road 30) tomorrow (June 24th) to go through the formalities of the interview registration, the specific time arrangement is as follows:

08:00-11:00 am

13:30-17:00 pm

tips on the interview:

To ensure the smooth conduct of the interview, we would like to advise successful students and parents who are qualified for the interview on the following five points:

I.  Be sure to remember the time node

1. Take a careful look at the interview classroom and time

15:00-17:00 pm, June 30th

2. Interview time 

on the morning of July 1st



The pink interview ID

From 7:30: the students enter the campus from the main gate

8:00:  the students enter the interview classroom

8:30 -9: 30  the students have the interview
special reminder: the students are not allowed to enter the NFLS

campus after 8:25, those who are late are considered giving up.


The blue interview ID

From 8:30: the students enter the interview campus from the west

gate and are guide to the interview classrooms by the volunteers.

10:00:     be guided into the interview classrooms by volunteers

10:30-11:30: the students will have the interview

Special reminder: the students are not allowed to enter the NFLS

campus after 9:00, those who are late are considered giving up.

 Carry the stationery according to the request

Please carry the supplies for the interview strictly in accordance with the requirements on the back of the test card.The whole interview process will be taped, carrying cell phones, smart watches and other prohibited items into the interview classroom is considered as a violation of discipline, the score is counted as zero.

III. Prepare carefully for the interview

In the process of interview, the students can see the relevant content by the PowerPoint. Parents are requested to provide their children with all the necessary equipment (such as glasses) to watch PowerPoint in advance.

IV: Choose the appropriate means of transport

Students and parents are advised to choose public transport such as subway and set aside enough time when they leave home. In order to avoid congestion at the school gate, it is hoped that only one parent should send and pick up the children.

V. Pay close attention to the weather changes

There are frequent thunderstorms in recent days, to prevent the children from getting wet and affecting the interview; and, if the weather is hot on the day of the interview, we will turn on the air conditioner uniformly and suggest that parents prepare a coat for the children so the children won’t get cold.