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Young Pioneers Met in the Chinese Dream

Young Pioneers Met in the Chinese Dream

On the afternoon of May 30th, all the teachers and students of Nanjing Foreign Language School held the "Young Pioneers Met in the Chinese Dream", the International Children's Day celebration in the lecture hall.


At around 1: 00 pm, the celebration officially began under the host of the two governors. The red scarf fluttering on the big screen and the towering Great Wall mingled with each other, setting off the theme of "Red scarfs Met in Chinese Dream." Amid the blazing music, Teachers Jiang Xingchao, Hong Yu and Beina went on the stage to present awards for the winners in the reading festival's "handwritten newspaper." Teachers' ardent expectation made students realize the connotation of "nourishing the soul with the fragrance of books and sublimating the ideal with wisdom."

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Then came the games, which were closely related to the "One Belt and  One Road" construction, "flag guessing". When the One Belt and One Road countries’ flags appeared on the big screen, each class’s players told a corresponding nation and its capital name.there was continual applause,we cheered for the NFLS students’ profound knowledge. At the end of the games, when the map of China containing a great wisdom, a great mind with "One Belt and One Road" appeared, the students were filled with surprises! Camels with bell ringing along the Silk Road, foreign nationalities could smell the Tanghan culture! The new silk road is carrying the dream of peace and cooperation, which is extending in every NFLS student’s mind.


Subsequently, a batch of excellent students, in their own festivals, in turn boarded on the podium. Teacher Yi Ping presented awards to three students who had won the Honorary title of "Good Youth in Meiyuan"; each class teacher presented awards to 60 students who had been elected as "excellent Young Pioneers of the School". In the high music, the students are looking forward to making further efforts in the future days.

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There were some classic games, such as "grabbing stool", "you act, I guess" and "step on the balloon". The students from the skateboard club and the hip-hop club brought a stunning skill. In more than one hour, happy laughter rose and fell and echoed on the campus! This day, you and I gathered in the name of childhood at NFLS, writing the beautiful music with the dream of youth.


After the full joy, all the teachers and students watched the film "the Children of Heaven" together, experiencing Ali and his sister's different childhood, feeling that they were constantly running for their dreams. They had a horse as their dream, never misspent their youth.

At around 4 pm, the celebration ended successfully, and the feelings of a teenager were always remembered. Let the child’s heart fly on the wings of the song, let the dream sail with the pulse of the times.