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Math Master Qiu Chengtong Visited NFLS to Share the Secrets of Learning

Math Master Qiu Chengtong Visited NFLS to Share the Secrets of Learning


President Zou Zheng warmly received Mr. S.T. Yau

On May 24th, the world famous mathematics master, Harvard University tenured professor Qiu Chengtong visited NFLS. Mr. Qiu is the first Chinese mathematician who won the Fields Award, which is considered "Nobel Prize in Mathematics", and he is also the second Chinese mathematician to receive another important honor in mathematics, Wolfe Award, after Mr. Chen Xingshen. In many fields, such as differential geometry, topology and so on, he has made remarkable achievements.


Mr. Qiu, accompanied by President Zou Zheng, visited the NFLS campus


Mr. Qiu visited STEM Chemical Laboratory


Mr Qiu and President Zou Zheng had a cordial conversation


The audience applauded and welcomed the arrival of academician Qiu


President Zou Zheng introduced: Mr. Qiu has always insisted on and advocated the educational idea that "cultivating and discovering talents should start at the middle school." he set up the "Qiu Chentong Middle School Science Award" for Chinese middle school students around the world, which forgets the answer to the standard test paper, promote innovative thinking and teamwork and allow students to participate in the competition in the form of research reports. This brand-new concept and competition method have produced tremendous influence and appeal in the global Chinese education circle.

NFLS and Academician Qiu Chengtong have been friends for a long time

In recent years, NFLS students, who have great enthusiasm for innovative scientific research, have achieved excellent results in Qiu Chengtong Competition. In 2017, they won the highest prizes in physics and chemistry, they also performed well in mathematics, biology, computer science and other courses . Up to now, a total of 2 gold, 4 silver, 4 bronze, 9 winners were obtained by our students, ranking the top in the domestic top schools.

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Academician Qiu Chengtong gave a speech titled “ My Experience in Learning”

A man of learning should not just  think of being an academician

 ”Nowadays, the most famous scholars in China all aim to win the Nobel Prize as their lifetime pursuit, while most scholars in China aim to be academicians as the spiritual support of their life. To be honest, these ideas are all right, but throughout history, the greatest academic achievements have not come about this way. " In the lecture, when he talked about the current academic atmosphere in China, Mr. Qiu was sharp and pointed out that truly great research was discovered and acquired only when it was not based on fame and fortune. "Einstein, for example, worked on relativity in World War I, and his research was no good for guns or trains. When quantum mechanics came out, It's just a philosophical point of view without any practical use then. It was not until later that we realized that they were all the most important work. " Professor Qiu believed that doing great learning needed the seeds of agitation in order to see far and more and not to fear of failures.

Reading the masterpieces of ancient literature, I can feel my heart moved

Mr. Qiu likes classical literature. "whenever I am happy or in a bad mood, reading the masterpiece of ancient literature can move my heart. Not only will I relax when I do my research, but it will give me the motivation to see further. " Mr. Qiu first quoted a paragragh from the "Wen Xin Diao long" : "woo! the body and the times are ill-fated, the spirit of the people is in the same way, the standard heart is above the ages, and the gift is under a thousand years, and the gold and stone are there, and the sound of selling them! ". He told us not to forget the original heart, cherish the time, create the classic work! Mr. Qiu expressed the deep influence of classical literature on people's mind with "only old poems can spread meanings, only long songs can have feelings gallop ". He mixed academic spirit of the study and the spirit of the traditional poetry as a whole to broaden our horizons.

Academic Research: passion, fumigation, Immersion, Spurs and Tests

By borrowing the three realms of Wang Guowei and the four powers of the novel, Mr. Qiu summed up the long road of academic research:

First of all, there must be a passion for truth and beauty-"Last night the west wind withered the green tree, alone on the tall building, looking to the end of the world." Second, pay attention to "fumigation", get together as much as possible with those who are good at thinking and researching, so you can also promote your own enthusiasm for thinking and researching. Then is "immersion", only immersing in your own profession can you achieve "the belt gradually widens finally, you do not repent, for her, you become gaunt and slim"totally, then you can completely get the ability of immersing in it when it enters into your ears." Then there was the thorn, that is, "when he looked back, the woman was standing therein a dim light." Many people describe the burst of inspiration as lightning in the sky, but it is not accurate. Inspiration is like a waterfall. Without accumulation, there is no waterfall which flies down from three-thousand-feet height. Finally, the "mentioning", at this point, it’s not the influence from the outside to the inside, but it’s the escape from the inside, truly grasp the key to the truth.
His words were clairvoyant, and when the students were reflecting, he began to draw on the examples about the talented men in ancient China. So we went back through the ages and listened to the mysteries of academic research. Mr. Qiu told his own story about academic research and travel. Finally, the professor pointed out, "the passion that a scholar can play, the most important thing is the foundation, rooted passion should be based on our cultural history."

From his speech, we recognized the broad-mindedness of the scholar, see his experience of learning from history, the artistic conception and passion of learning from literature and real life.


NFLS students asked Mr. Qiu Chengtong questions

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Representatives of the winners of the Qiu Chengtong prize for Science in NFLS paid tribute to Mr. Qiu Chengtong and posed for a photo with Professor Qiu.

I would like to thank Mr. Qiu Chengtong for his visit to NFLS to share the secrets of learning, and to thank Mr. Qiu for providing this rare platform for academic exchange and display for NFLS students, including NFLS students who are abroad. Thank you, Mr. Qiu, for using his passion and patriotc feelings to promote the development of Chinese youth scientific research, and to help talented and enthusiastic young people explore the mysteries of science.

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