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Junior 3 Graduation Ceremony

Junior 3 Graduation Ceremony


All teachers and students of NFLS Junior Grade 3 gathered in the report hall of the main campus for the Graduation Ceremony on the afternoon of May 16th.


Around 3:45 PM the ceremony was officially started by the hosts, the two leaders of the grade. A video of the 3 years in Junior High appeared on the screen. Along with the music we saw the young faces gradually become mature. The pictures that reminded us of many beautiful memories and the good wishes full of hope and strength will be treasured by us forever.


When the video finished, Principal Zou gave a speech. He started from Junior 1 when we first entered the school and recalled the detailed memory of the students’ growth and expressed his great expectation for the students’ further education and development. The students identified with principal’s strong and passionate speech, “today I am proud of NFLS and tomorrow NFLS will be proud of me. We will always be proud of being NFLS students.” It cannot be denied that NFLS has been the most magnificent color in our life.


Senior student Lu Hanbai introduced his life in NFLS Senior High which aroused the students’ infinite longing for high school. NFLS is such a great platform that every dream could shine.

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Next the representatives of graduate students expressed their determination of going forward by a simple poem: “In the sky there are the moving clouds. Before my eyes is a traveling bag and a long long road that leads to the sun. Life is not easy but we must keep going.” The young and vigorous voice filled the report hall with hope and strength.

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The teachers sang Butterflies, fly and aroused the excitement of the students, because of which the ceremony arrived at a highlight in laughter.

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In music of the school song, all the teachers got up on the stage. The representatives of students in formal dress and with big smiles presented flowers to their teachers out of respect and gratitude. Thank you teachers! From your shoulders we will be like butterflies out of the cocoon flying into the sky .


Our dream shines and our youth will be great. Wherever we go, we will always remember “we used to be NFLS students who have Chinese soul and world mind.”

NFLS Junior 3 Graduation Ceremony was ended successfully.


We will try our best to prepare for the High School Entrance Exam so that our youth will not be wasted and our dream not futile. Three years is too short. Hopefully we will have more opportunities together as teachers and students.

By Zhou Zhiqing from Class 6 Junior Grade 3