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Data is the Key to Technology Advance!

Data is the Key to Technology Advance!

This Monday afternoon, senior freshmen and sophomores gathered in the lecture hall to listen to the lecture "Data and Cognition" by Professor Wang Xiqin, vice president of Tsinghua University and director of the Chinese Electronic Society. "big data" and other technical words are not unfamiliar to the students, but after listening to Professor Wang's explanation and demonstration,which were delivered in simple words, everyone has a better understanding of the data itself and the method of processing the data.


First, the lecture opened with President Zou's brief speech, and students warmly welcomed the arrival of the several professors from Tsinghua University.


Although being a vice president with a doctorate degree in radio electronics engineering, Professor Wang said at the beginning of the lecture, "after the administrative work, I am very willing to think more about some problems and doubts in my professional field." Then, through a simple functional image, an interesting TED lecture video, Professor Wang told us that data was not far away from everyday life and learning, but it was an indispensable material both in the sophisticated field and in the construction of an information highway.

Experienced the charm of the data, Professor Wang led the students to review the history of science. It was a booming process for people to study science from phenomenon summary to calculation deduction, then to modern big data collection and analysis. However, the limitation of traditional disciplines was that people could not make good researches on the subjective contents, such as personal views, emotions and so on. With the progress of science and technology, virtual reality, augmented reality and other technologies emerged endlessly, which filled the "blank field" in the past, and most of these technologies needed a lot of data support. Here, Professor Wang ingeniously used the coordinate axis and some vivid examples, so that the students were quite clear about the concepts of "subjective" and "Noumenon", which were close to the category of philosophy.


Finally, Professor Wang mentioned some of the problems of the big data era. The data are true, but if we don't analyze them properly and mishandle them, we can't make good use of them, or even make big mistakes. Despite some mistakes in the history of science that seemed to be recurring, Professor Wang remained confident about the future of scientific development, especially in the field of data analysis. As he said in answer to a student, "as an engineering student, I always believe that the human brain is more flexible than the computer. One can always overcome difficulties, correct mistakes, and move in a better direction."

In addition to professional knowledge sharing, Professor Wang also introduced his alma mater, where he now works - Tsinghua University. In addition to impressive achievements, Tsinghua University’s perfect and humane facilities got all the students’ praise. When professor Wang mentioned that Tsinghua students could not graduate if they couldn’t swim, everyone laughed, then they secretly thought: it is time to exercise more!


After that, Professor Liu Zhen, director of Tsinghua University's admissions Office, gave a brief introduction to Tsinghua University and encouraged students to study hard and achieve in their own fields in the future.

The theme lecture ended with heated applause from the students. Although it was only two hours,the students benefited a lot from it. From the professors of Tsinghua University, we not only learned some professional knowledge of data processing, but also learned their rigorous attitude, great vision and the spirit of research.

By Zhong Hanquan