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A Cultural Bridge Connecting China and Britain: Ms. Zhao Sida Teaching in Britain

A Cultural Bridge Connecting China and Britain: Ms. Zhao Sida Teaching in Britain

Sent by Office of Chinese Language Council International, NFLS teacher Zhao Sida of the Chinese Group arrived at Colchester County High School for Girls to be a Chinese teacher, teaching the 7th to 9th Grade Chinese and Chinese Culture.

Like NFLS, Colchester County High School for Girls attaches importance to international cultural exchange. Many of their students go to universities of Russell Group after graduation. Ms. Zhao as the only Chinese teacher in this school has taken great responsibility of Chinese teaching and cultural spreading.


With a solid foundation of English, Ms. Zhao Sida soon got used to teaching in English and daily communication in the new environment. The materials that she found from the internet, magazines and newspapers, and the folding fans, paper cuts, spring festival couplets, Chinese writing bushes, Chinese art paper and facial makeup that she brought from China aroused the great interest of the teachers and students. She asked her students to “See it, touch it and learn it.” With her careful instruction, the students have made great progress. They wrote the spring festival couplets, painted the facial makeup and cut papers. The exquisite works of art of Chinese culture won praise from the teachers and students.

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Besides everyday Chinese teaching, Ms. Zhao hosted two meetings, one about culture in the Spring Festival, the other about the Chinese treasure Peking Opera.

In the meeting for the Spring Festival, Ms. Zhao played the video by NFLS of giving blessings in different languages. The languages and humorous expression let the British teachers and students feel the deep friendship from NFLS and the spirit of “Chinese soul and international mind”.


In the meeting for Peking Opera, Ms. Zhao used many methods, including “guessing, talking, singing and discussing” to share the crucial elements of Peking Opera, which caused great response from more than 100 teachers and students present. After that the school media interviewed her. She talked about how she felt about working in the UK and about NFLS, and expressed her good wishes, “a bright future for both schools”, “dreams of the students come true” and “long Live the friendship between China and the UK.”

Words from the reporter;

Thank Ms. Zhao Sida for her passion in teaching and love for our country. Thank her for being a cultural bridge connecting China and the UK. Wish that everything goes well with her work and that she would achieve more in cultural communication between the two countries.