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Strive to Make Every Child Excellent --- an Interview with Zhu Shanping, Principal of Fangshan Branch of Nanjing Foreign Language School

Strive to Make Every Child Excellent --- an Interview with Zhu Shanping, Principal of Fangshan Branch of Nanjing Foreign Language School


Recently, Xinhua Net "Dialogue with the dream builder of the Chinese nation's dream team ---100 schools' good teachers" micro-interview column invited Nanjing Foreign language School Fangshan Branch School’s principal, Zhu Shanping, This paper discusses the characteristics of Nanjing Foreign Language School’s (hereinafter referred to as "NFLS") educational concept and how to develop good communication between homes and the school.


Reporter: what is the core educational concept of Nanjing Foreign Language School?

principal Zhu Shanping:

The core concept of education is to cultivate the Chinese soul and the global mind of  modern people. The Chinese soul means that we want to cultivate our children's civic consciousness, both to contribute to society and to contribute to the world on behalf of China. Another thing is that we hope that no matter where the children go, do not forget that they are Chinese. At the same time, we also need to have international feelings, that is, the mind of the world, because we live in a global village. In the impact of globalization, we need the understanding of multiculturalism, and we need to be able to communicate with the international community, including doing business activities, education exchange, etc.

Third, because we live in a modern society, so we need to have the basic qualities of modern people. These include scientific literacy, humanistic literacy, and the ability to accept new things and accept challenges. These are the basic qualities that a modern man should possess.

Reporter: is the international education system implemented in the NFLS an avoidance of the current college entrance examination?

Principal Zhu Shanping:

NFLS is one of the 16 foreign language schools that is entitled to recommendation students by the Education Ministry, more than 20% of the students can be recommended to a good universities, so many people will misunderstand that students from our school do not need to take the college entrance examination. In fact, NFLS takes the college entrance examination as the bottom line because it allows the students to pass the college entrance examination and be selected to enter the top universities of 985and 211, and these double top universities and top majors are needed.

But we, as an ordinary high school, is different from vocational high schools, ordinary high schools mainly aim at preparing and training talents for the universities, we need to take the college entrance examination as our basic task, but the vocational high school is to do the basic employment training for the society, and so on. Well, some students take part in the college entrance examination because they feel that the recommended majors are not good enough or that they really want to study at some other universities, it happens that the university does not have the major for him, then he will go and choose the college entrance examination. There are also some students who want to take the college entrance examination. There is a general opinion, that is to say, they are not a high school student without going through the college entrance examination, so they are very ambitious.

Reporter: the school has the qualification to recommend the students. Will the students be under less pressure?

Principal Zhu Shanping:

No, in fact, a lot of people think that the recommendation is easy, but this selection by colleges and universities, in addition to three years of high school GPA, and you must be on the top in the grade ranking. Again, the college examination is more difficult than the college entrance examination, such as the Beijing University of Tsinghua, generally, besides Chinese, math and English, extra literature, history and philosophy are also tested, for science students, science comprehensive test must be added, so it needs for students to have more extensive reading and deep insight into things, and the need of leadership in order to respond quickly in an interview group, to show the team spirit. The requirements of the tests of students' knowledge, oral ability and other comprehensive qualities undoubtedly puts forward higher requirements for the curriculum of our foreign language school.

So, generally speaking, students in senior Grade One and Two basically have to finish most of the high school courses. By the third year of senior high school, they will begin to make preparations in all aspects for the purpose of acceleration. The teachers are also assigned to the universities that they are in charge of to carry out targeted special research, by the second semester jn senior Grade 3, basically we are busy with the college entrance examination. Therefore, compared with the ordinary college entrance examination students, our children face greater pressure and need to meet higher requirements, not only in written tests, but also in the interview for comprehensive quality testing.

Reporter: there is a saying that "there are no students with poor grades in the NFLS", how does the school do to "make every child be excellent"?

Principal Zhu Shanping:

A child's inner world determines his future growth. First of all, we have to arouse the love of children with love. When a child can love this world, love his parents, love himself, love his teachers and classmates, he will not to do anything that hurts others and will work hard to awaken himself. Then, he will help the people around him to achieve their ideals.

The second is that some children’s performance may not be so good in kindergarten, primary school, but they might not be children with poor abilities, it may owing to the external environment that they grow up in didn’t meet the necessary conditions for his growth. Moreover, everyone's development is different, boys and girls' maturity period is different, so parents shouldn’t worry, just allow the children to make mistakes, allow them to have a lot of things they don't understand, or allow children to be temporarily in a less desirable state in an exam.

So what's our teacher? In fact, I think the most important thing is that teacher is the person who can ignite the lamp in the heart of the children, we need to find the bright spot and potential of the children in the classroom. What the child may become in the future, if the teacher gives the child an encouragement and expectation, guide the child by his advantages, then the child will follow his heart to become the person he wants to be. Of course, in the process of the children's growth, parents should also give their children love, patience, care and confidence, so that the children can grow stronger, healthier, freer and more confident. They will eventually grow into a towering tree .

Reporter: what do you think of the parents’ “ commonly existed anxiety and worry’?

Principal Zhu Shanping:

Sometimes parents really need not worry, in fact, parents’ can understand in their heart, but because the family has fewer children, parents also hope that their children's future life is happy, they can contribute to society, or get ahead of others, and so on. But in fact, the more anxious, sometimes the more confusing, but if you can carefully observe which aspects of your children can be excavated, which aspects need to be remedied, which aspects need guidance or help, with subtle praise, daily silences can help the child build up self-confidence, make him feel that he may not be able to do something, but he is much better than others at other aspects, and so on.

I also think parents have to help their children set up big dreams. General Secretary Xi called for Chinese Dream, so he guided the Chinese and led them in their struggle for the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. From a family, for individuals, everyone must have a dream. Look at the kids who play mathematicians, physicists, doctors, diplomats, have basically set up this dream at an early age, and actually build a kind of "self-image," psychologically. The establishment of this self-image plays a decisive role in guiding children's future development and growth.

Reporter: how do you think of the current hot "STEM education"? As one of the advocates, what is the significance of it to the cultivation of students' ability?

Principal Zhu Shanping:

I think STEM education is suitable for the current stage of education in China. From "learn mathematics, physics, chemistry well, go all over the world without any fear" to the present STEM project (S for science, representing physics and chemistry and biology, T for technology, E means engineering, M means mathematics) to the comprehensive activity courses in kindergartens, primary schools and junior high advocated by the Ministry of Education in recent years, 'hands-on ability and innovation ability are both highly valued. This new concept of interdisciplinary learning and new ideas enable children to face the future world of imagination and thinking, and eventually become the future of the country's innovation reserve.

Nanjing is currently leading the way in the promotion of STEM education across the country. As the STEM curriculum base in Jiangsu Province, NFLS has received great support from the Jiangsu Provincial Education Department and the Municipal Bureau of Education, including economic investment and the provision of teaching facilities, full implementation of education information and teachers in all aspects of the help. This has brought actually the most forward-looking educational concept. The United States has also attached great importance to the STEM program in the past 20 years, which is of great significance to the development of society, so I think it is particularly important.

Reporter: will the school develop its own courses concerned?

Principal Zhu Shanping:

The interaction between teachers and students brought about by STEM project is fairly good. It is a kind of inter-teaching, interdisciplinary integration of symbiosis, and it can produce innovative results from projects one by one. Each school can choose its own inherent facilities, use these inherent human resources, and then choose a suitable STEM program for its own school development.

Our school has also specially organized a series of "Approaching Masters" exchange meetings, that is, arranging academicians from the Chinese Academy of Sciences or the Chinese University of Science and Technology and professors from some universities in Nanjing come to the school for exchanges. With the world's top scientists or China's top scientists leading their children forward to develop their scientific innovation abilities, NFLS has won a variety of world-class innovation competitions in recent years. These can not be separated from the conditions provided by the Party and the government and the hardware facilities provided by these laboratories that helped us. Of course, they are inseparable from the idea of our principal, the Education Bureau, and the Education Department. So what I am full of confidence about the basic education of our country, including our STEM project..

Reporter: what do you think is the most important thing of family education?

Principal Zhu Shanping:

I think the most important is love and care, and moral character, these two aspects are particularly important. From the moral point of view, my parents are very good people. I remember the 1962 flood, when a lot of people were too poor to have food, but my mom and dad invited those people come to our home, provided them some food, gave them a shelter, took care of the sick, and washed their clothes. This is a great inspiration for us to love others. My parents gave me love of studying. Why did I take the road to learning English, in addition to the guidance of the teacher, my father's concern is inseparable. My father mailed me an English dictionary from Tianjin. I still keep it at home. This dictionary is so dog-eared after I had used during the whole middle school and university. It is not just a dictionary for me, it is my father's love.

Parents sometimes blame their children for their poor grades. In fact, the more they blame, the more depressed the children become. Instead, they should give more encouragement to their children, give them careful care, and help them find ways to solve their problems. I think that as parents, to pay attention to the child's growth is to do things from every detail, not that your blame about them every day will have a good effect, I think we should care more about her, to give her a correct outlook on life and values.

In fact, ever since your child was born, he is an equal citizen like you, so you have to treat him equally, and sometimes you have to believe that a lot of the child's thoughts and ideas may far outweigh yours. But I think this is the happiest thing, that is, blue is extracted from the indigo plant but is bluer than the latter . If one day your child surpasses you, knows better, knows more, and is more capable than you, our goal is achieved. But you should not force him to do it, but guide him slowly and help him.

Reporter: how do family, school and society coordinate to help children grow?

Principal Zhu Shanping:

In fact, for the growth of children, school, family and society all have the same starting point, our goal is to cultivate good children. From the family’s point of view, you want your children to get ahead, to be talents, both boys and girls, to bring glory to family, and so on. From the school’s point of view, I hope my children will get a beautiful test result, find a happy job in the future, and so on. From the point of view of the country, I hope that my citizens are of high quality and that they will become successors to socialism. So these three are not contradictory.

Second, we should do things from a cooperative angle. For example, we try to make use of the parents' group of each grade and every class, hold regular parents' meeting, we have timely communication with parents and give them guidance. Many of our parents love their children out of kindness, but he is at a loss, and he doesn't know how to help them. So teachers should pass on to parents a lot of knowledge about education, about psychological development. Of course, parents with successful experiences can also be invited to share their success, so those parents who are at a loss learn how to deal with their children's problems.

We can use the help of parents to help us achieve things that we don't have the time to do at school, so parents can help us to do a lot of things. For example, teachers always praise children in parent meetings, and slowly guide parents to praise their children when they return home, which helps to build up their self-confidence. But some parents are busy, especially dads. From a psychological point of view, it may be more beneficial if the father can participate in the curriculum of a child's lifelong development, or the choice of school or curriculum, etc.

As far as parents are concerned, I think it is necessary for them to actively contact the school teacher, especially the head teacher, because he may have a better understanding of your child's overall situation. In addition, I also hope that our parents will all pay attention to the macro curriculum development of our children instead of having to go to the teachers to make up for all the lessons, parents should see what their child really needs, and give him some time to read more books and participate in more activities including games, so that the children can broaden their horizons and make new friends, which can naturally widen their horizons, which may be a bit better than arranging many lessons for them.

Of course, when it’s time for the children to go to school, we may make some adjustments, so parents, first of all, don't worry too much, because you and the school have the same goals, and then you should ask others more about how to help their children. This is the most important thing. Don't criticize your child frequently. The more critical you are, the more resistant your child will be. In fact, you have to let your children know that their study is for their own future happy life and for contributing to society. As a citizen, you need to have knowledge and skills, and parents should give their children such a sense of responsibility. And then give him help, give him confidence, that's what our parents and schools need to do together.

From: Xinhua News Agency


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