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NFLS Students Entered the 1st International School in Informatics for Juniors Chinese Team

NFLS Students Entered the 1st International School in Informatics for Juniors Chinese Team

Good news! Yuan Haotian from NFLS Class 1 Junior Grade 2 entered ISI for Juniors 2018 Chinese Team.

 ISI aims to train talented students for International Olympiad in Informatics (NOI).

Yuan Haotian entered the Chinese Team as No. 1 in the Group below 15-year-old of NOIP 2017. Teacher Shi Polei of NFLS Informatics Competition Team was appointed as leader of Chinese Team this year. Congratulations to the teachers and students on NFLS Informatics Competition Team!

According to the instructor of the competition, Yuan Haotian was very dedicated to study and quite interested in programming. Every day he would take time for the training in informatics and managed to finish all the tasks for him with high quality.
 I knew OI from Grade 5 in primary school when I began to be interested in this subject. I often read books about it and learn relevant algorithm at home. In Junior High, as I got into the field of information competitions, the trainings were getting harder and harder, but my love for OI was not decreased. Even though sometimes I couldn’t find the solution to a problem for hours or for days, I had fun during this process.
From OI I have learned a lot of things that I could not get from other subjects. It not only improves my ability in coding, math, English reading but also increases my will power.

Words form Yuan:

I would like to thank the teachers for teaching me and thank my parents for their support otherwise I would not get the qualification of taking part in ISI. I would try my best for this competition whatever results I may get.

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