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2017-2018 the 2nd Semester Opening Ceremony

2017-2018 the 2nd Semester Opening Ceremony

The national flag team

Principal Zou Zheng


The new semester began with the opening ceremony of the second semester of the 2017-2018 school year, which was presided over by Director Lv Yan from the Students’ Management Office.First of all, Principal Zou Zheng gave a speech for the new semester:

Let Kindness Accompany Our Fighting Steps

Dear students, dear teachers:
"the coldness goes within one night, spring approaches at the fifth watch." in the warm spring light, we welcome the new year, the new semester, first of all, on behalf of the school, I wish all the teachers and students a happy New Year, safe and healthy, a successful career and progress in your study!!!
Looking back upon the past year, we were full of gains. The class 2017, after the big victory in the college entrance examination, senior 3rd graders in class 2018 fought hard at the three battle fields: college entrance examination, recommendation enrollment and going abroad, there has been frequent good news. On January 25th, the results of the simulation
college entrance examination in Nanjing were announced. Our senior high school ranked first in Nanjing with a total average score of 324.29.More than 100 students are admitted to well-known universities in China by recommendations through competitions and language channels. Our enrollments by Peking University were 11 students out of 12, Tsinghua University, 14 students were accepted among 16 applicants, and ranked first among the national foreign language schools. Four students were admitted to Tsinghua University in the Informatics contest and one to Peking University in the Mathematics contest. Up to now, Thirty students were admitted to Peking University and Tsinghua University, this has realized a historic breakthrough in the number of students who are admitted to the Peking university and Qinghua University. In the increasingly competitive early application for studying abroad, the acceptance rate of Ivy League schools in our school continues to rank first in the country, Yale, Colombia, and Chicago. Duke, Penn University, Cornell and other famous schools quite favor the NFLS students.
Dear students, we all know this clearly, behind the full score test paper is the high standard strict requirements to ourselves, is the hard work day after day, here, I would like to congratulate the students who have achieved excellent results, give my thanks to the selfless dedication of the teachers, We expect the following students to learn from the spirit of steadfast progress, to lay a solid foundation for the future development of life!
The topic of today's speech is "Let kindness accompany our fighting  footsteps", first I’ll tell you two small stories.
The first story took place in 1814, when an archaeological team entered the Sahara Desert, known as the "Sea of death." the desert was full of bones of the deceased, and the captain always asked people to stop and choose highlands to dig holes and bury them. With branches or stones, they built simple tombstones. The team members complained a lot, but the captain stubbornly persisted in doing s "every pile of white bones was one of our fellows, how can we let them die in the wilderness?" "A week later, the archaeological team found many ancient relics and objects in the desert that shocked the world, but when they left, it suddenly blew up a storm, and then the compass failed. The archaeologists were completely losing their way, food and fresh water began to run out, then they understood why their peers had not been able to come out. Finally, along the tombstones that they buried, that had been built all the way along the way, they finally walked out of the sea of death. They became the first lucky ones to break the death spell. In an interview with the Times reporter, the team members all said: "kindness is the road sign we left for ourselves!" "
The second story is about a famous case. It was reported that in 1953,Harvard University did a survey on the results of life goals. It turned out that 27% people didn't have any goals, 60 percent had vague goals, 10 percent had clear goals but the goals didn’t last long, 3 percent of the people had clear and long term goals. 25 years had passed, the group that had longer term goals lived a better life. And 27% people lived a terrible life. But later investigation proved that this survey was just a story, a made story from the beginning to the end. Why is the story so widely spread? Because we always think, big goals and bright future are inseparable.
These two seemingly irrelevant stories imply my sincere expectations toward the students: be good people, do down-to-earth work.
Bacon once said, "I think that the virtue that is good for people is good." Goodness comes from a loving heart. A kind person must be a warm person, a helpful person, a person who knows how to cherish and be grateful. He cares less and bears more responsibilities. He enjoys less benefits but does more hard work, over time, he will naturally gets the recognition and help of others. Therefore, to forgive others' mistakes and treat others well mean to be kind to ourselves. In the desert, it was the kindness that left signposts for the archaeologists, kindness helped them find the way home; in real life, it is good for us to light a lamp with kindness, which will illuminate the way for others, will warm our own hearts.
Our alumnus, Olympic gold medalist Qiao Mingda, said it took 10,000 hours to succeed. A lot of scientific research has shown that if one wants to be an expert in a certain field, it takes him at least 10,000 hours’ effort. What does 10,000-hour mean? Three hours a day, you need to spend nearly 10 years. "sitting on a cold bench for ten years, never write a single line without good meaning in an article". Grand goals are naturally important, but if you ignore the present efforts,if you are not grounded enough to do the minor things, if you do something with great enthusiasm for a moment but leave it for ten times longer time, your dream, your goal are just emptiness and illusion without persistent fight for years. "Happiness is obtained by fighting hard!” We start from the pride that I am proud of being a NFLS student, but the past can not prove the future. Only by continuing to work on a new starting point can we reach a brighter future.
"the winter goes and the new peach blossoms change, the spring will have better flower on the branches." I wish all the NFLS students not to indulge in yourselves, not to daydream, not to pretend to be strong, but to grow up healthily, think freely on campus filled with spring warmth!

Thank you all! 

Principal Zou Zheng


Director Lv Yan, Students’ Management Office

To Be Someone Who Has a Broad Mind and Passion

Good morning, dear teachers and friends!
My topic today is: to be someone who has a broad mind and passion.
During this winter vacation, something really amazing happened, and you must have known that someone had broken the sky-- he is Alon Musk. The Falcon heavy rocket which was made by his company was launched on February 6th with great success. The rocket is the most powerful rocket in nearly three decades, especially the first-class rocket that can be reused. He himself alone has defeated all nations.
What most interested me from this case was that Musk carried his own Tesla red sports car on a rocket to the sky. There was a line on the body of the car: made on Earth by humans.he didn’t leave his own name, nor the name of his company. I saw a broad mind and feelings of the big business people.
At the end of 2000, Musk was infected with malaria and nearly died, which made him feel that life was too limited to be mediocre, and how much impact would it have on the world even if he could make the best computer games? Therefore, he turned to the study of the long-term survival and development of human beings. The significance and value of his own life are closely linked with and strive for the development of human beings.
Musk said, "I realized what I don’t know was too much, and everything is in books." extensive reading, great reading skills opened Musk's horizons and minds all the time. Read actively, acquire knowledge and make use of it. This is a hint for us from Musk's success
Of course, not everyone can accomplish such a great cause as Musk has done. But each of us should have the ideal of achieving a better self and working hard for it, even in ordinary jobs, we can live a life with a broad mind and passion.
During the winter vacation, on the radio, a girl who opened a hairdresser was praised, she often cut hair for the elderly and the weak. She said she lived with the elderly when she was a child and realized that life was not easy for them. Now she has the ability to help, she does.Her simple words, her grateful heart, she tries her best to practice the traditional virtues of "respect my own parents, then respect others’ parents". This is also a broad mind and passion. Just like Yuan Mei's poem, "though moss flowers are as small as rice, they still learn to blossom like peonies do. "those who have a broad mind and passion, while making themselves excellent, always try to make the world more beautiful."
Musk made guest appearances in the movie Iron Man, and he himself is called Silicon Valley Iron Man. In fact, each of us have an Iron man in our heart, who has insight, courage, and perseverance, who is never afraid of difficulties, who constantly improves himself, who has the beautiful determination to change the world, who,in the process of striving for the ideal of every day, lives a down-to-earth life.
Today is February 26th. The foreign language test for junior Grade 3 and the mini college entrance examination for senior 2nd graders, both are entering the countdown. 100 days later, senior 3rd graders will enter the college entrance examination in order to be able to enter their dream university. One week after the college entrance examination, It will be junior 3rd graders’ turn to submit the perfect answer paper for their junior high school life. Dear friends, every day the sun is new, and every day we are accumulating strength for our dreams with iron man momentum, courage and firmness, and constantly advancing toward our dreams. It is this spirit that each of us should have.
Dear friends, read extensively, pursue the dream, be someone with a broad mind and passion! We, all the teachers, fight with you!

Finally, I wish all of you do well in academic performance, wish all the teachers every success in their work, wish our school prosperous development!

Liu Yongmei, the representative of all the teachers, gave a speech

Hello, dear teachers and friends.

I am Zhao Xinyi from Class 1, Senior Grade 3. It is a great honor to be here today to share with you some experiences in studying and living. During the long Spring Festival holiday, I found that a lot of friends and relatives are playing a game on WeChat, Jump. I didn't play this game very well, but I found some lessons in my life and took this opportunity to share it with you.
First of all, there must be a persistent spirit. "Jump", this game is not complex, it is played by controlling the length of time through the fingers on the screen to control the size of the leaping of the villain, score will be got with the success of the bricks jumping on the higher bricks until the game is over. That is to say, We must continuously jump on the next brick to get higher scores. Same as our study. We must have the spirit of perseverance and constantly enriching ourselves to realize our dreams.
Secondly, to have a precise method. "Jump" is wonderful, if you can jump straight to the next square in the center, you can get 2 points, 4 points, 6 points, so scores will accumulate in times. During the winter vacation, I calculated and found that for the same 10 leaps, if precision is 80%, a score of 54 can be counted on; with the accuracy of 60%, 29 scores can be expected; and the accuracy is 20%, there are only 12.8 points. If you want to get the score of 80% accuracy with only 20% accuracy,you need to jump about 42 times, that is more than 4 times as the accuracy of 80%. And the gap thus gradually will widened with the increase of steps. In other words, if the accuracy is improved, you can produce twice as much with half the effort, even more times of the effect can be produced. Isn’t it the same in our study?! When we do our usual learning, what will you choose? To feel satisfied when you can jump to next square in the Jump game or make thorough research and jump to the center of the square? I admired Wu Jingwen, Cui Ruohui very much for they always got high marks in the exam. Later, I found out that no matter what questions you asked them, they can answer very clearly and without any ambiguity. I reflect on myself. Learning knowledge is sometimes limited to mere satisfied with understanding, but I do not know this has become the hidden danger of the examination results, I can’t even make a good foundation for later learning in this way. For junior and senior 3rd graders, especially, who are going to take the entrance exams, it is more urgent and important for you to understand every knowledge key point, it is more efficient than doing 100 questions.
Third, have a peaceful attitude. People who have played games have such an experience. The score in the upper left corner is an important factor that prevents us from getting high marks. Often we can't help paying attention to the score to see how far it is from behind the score we expect. But usually every time you pay attention to the score, it doesn't take long for you to jump or drop bricks. Goals are important to everyone. But it's also important to have a good mindset in the pursuit of goals. Pay less attention to the gap between you and the goals but pay more attention to current efforts to achieve goals are key to achieving them. For example, if you wish to enter the top five of your class in the next exam, I began to consider, I must do better than which students, if the paper are too difficult, will I have an advantage to these students? This kind of thinking is actually unnecessary, if you make the best use of the time in the next exam,find out the gap,and fill the gap up, it will be most effective. All the worries will not improve the performance, only when the effort is put into practice every day, will it be possible to get good grades or even unexpected good results.
Finally, I would like to talk about self-discipline. In such a relaxing learning atmosphere in NFLS, we have more access to mobile phones and games than the students in other schools, but we have to be more responsible and responsible for our own future. So we have to be more disciplined. As far as I'm concerned, whether I'm preparing for a computer contest or preparing for the college entrance exam, my parents don't interfere with my use of cell phones and computers. Because they think that self-discipline is the necessary self-cultivation and quality of every excellent person, the discipline of parents and teachers is temporary, but self-discipline will accompany everyone in life. Only when self-discipline is achieved, can people be trusted, be respected, and do everything possible. Success! For our students, this is not to say that we cannot relax ourselves, but that we should know when to study hard and when to relax ourselves. Self-discipline is more important than strict supervision by parents and teachers.
Finally, I wish all the teachers and students a healthy and happy, smooth New Year, I wish the students can continue to bring more pride for NFLS.

Thank you

The students’ representative: Zhao Xinyi

After the representative teacher and representative student gave a speech, the school leaders issued certificates to the 50 best students in 2017.


The Ten Best Moral Education in Junior Middle School


The Ten Best Moral Education in Senior Middle School


The Ten Best Intellectual Education in Junior Middle School


The Ten Best Intellectual Education in Senior Middle School


Ten Best Physical Education in Junior Middle School


Top Ten Physical Education in Senior Middle School


Ten Best Arts in Junior Middle School


Top Ten Arts in Senior Middle School


Ten Best Labor in Junior Middle School


Ten Best Labor in Senior Middle school

Finally, today's opening ceremony ended with the singing of the school song.


School song commander