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NFLS Students’ Excellent Performance in the 14th Pan-Pearl River Delta Physics Olympiad

NFLS Students’ Excellent Performance in the 14th Pan-Pearl River Delta Physics Olympiad

In the 14th Pan-Pearl River Delta Physics Olympiad which just ended, NFLS students of Senior Grade 2 won the Group 1st Prize of the comprehensive test. Tang kenan, Wang Haicheng and Tong Hua got the individual 1st Prize, Feng Siyuan, Yuan Zimin the 2nd Prize, and Gao Kangyue and Liu Qingyuan the 3rd Prize. And in the elementary test taken by the Senior Grade 1 students, Lu Jinxi and Qian Jingchen got the individual 1st Prize, Chen Yuang and Xu Jikai the 2nd Prize and Niu Kunwanhui, Xiao Xiao, Fu Jingle and Chen Guanru the 3rd Prize.

Congratulations to all the prize winners! Thanks to the teachers of the Physics Group for their hard work.