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Ten-year Loving Connection between NFLS and the Children from Earthquake-hit Wenchuan Who Did Their Temporary Study in NFLS

Ten-year Loving Connection between NFLS and the Children from Earthquake-hit Wenchuan Who Did Their Temporary Study in NFLS

In 2008, after the Wenchuan earthquake, many children in the disaster-hit area were unable to go to school. Some of the children came to the schools in Nanjing to study temporarily. Nanjing Municipal Government, Municipal Education Bureau and quite some schools gave these children a lot of concern and help. In that year,  Liu Zhan, a senior high school student at Mianyang Foreign Language School, also faced the problem of the collapse of his school and being unable to continue his studies. He came to Nanjing to seek help from his uncle, later on, he did his temporary study in Class 5, senior Grade 1 in NFLS. A month later, the school building was repaired and he returned from Nanjing to Mianyang to continue his studies.


NFLS has been kept this valuable newspaper for ten years

Jinling Evening News also reported the story of those temporary students from the earthquake-hit area, the newspaper on May 23rd, 2008, made wide report about "the boy from Mianyang resumed his study in NFLS”, the newspaper also published Liu Zhan and his new deskmate, Gu Xizhe’ photo. In the picture, Liu Zhanxiao’ smile was particularly brilliant.

Ten years passed, Liu Zhan has never forgotten the kindness and help from the people of Nanjing, the leaders and teachers of the Nanjing Foreign Language School, and the very month during which he temporarily studied in NFLS. On January 15th, 2018, Liu Zhan, who is now already working in Australia, returned to Nanjing during his holiday to visit his teachers. It was such a nice thing to see old faces. NFLS kept the newspaper, the Jinling Evening News, which reported about Liu Zhan. This dust-laden old newspaper, is ten years old, it also witnessed the love connection between the Mianyang boy and Nanjing for ten years.

The cheerful boy is now an accountant. He said frankly that he had benefited a lot from the one-month temporary study in NFLS

From the report of the Jinling Evening News on May 23rd, 2008, we can see that Liu Zhan was a particularly cheerful child, as soon as he came to NFLS, he quickly adapted to this big group, Class 5, senior Grade 1. The leaders of the school, the teachers and his classmates gave him a lot of help. Now he came back to NFLS, Liu Zhan felt a lot: "for so many years I have always remembered the help of the people of Nanjing, I happened to on vacation, so I came back to pay a visit."

Liu Zhan said that after the temporary study in NFLS for a month, he returned to Mianyang Foreign Language School to continue his education. "later, I was admitted to Southwest University of Finance and Economics and went to work in Beijing for a year after graduation. In 2015, I went to Australia to a postgraduate school. Now I have graduated and work in an accounting firm in Sydney. "

”Although he only studied in NFLS for a month, this month's experience has benefited Liu Zhan a lot. "the extracurricular activities in NFLS were diversified. I learned a lot of things I didn't know before. The international perspective and the way how the students got along with others, some of their knowledge, ideas, all these had a profound impact on my future development. For example, model United Nations activities, was something that I contacted when I first came to NFLS, and after I went to college, I often took part in the MU and got a lot of exercise. "The head teacher recognized him as soon as they met, "not much change, but taller, more mature."

When Liu Chan was studying temporarily in NFLS, the teacher in charge of the class was Mr. Zhu Zheng. Now Mr. Zhu is the vice principal of the school. Liu Zhan returned to visit him, this made Principal Zhu very excited. "I recognized him as soon as I met him. He didn't change much, but taller and more mature than before."

A Photo of Liu Zhan (left) and Zhu Zheng, vice principal

”Principal Zhu said that after the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, he discussed with Gu Xi-zhe, a league member in class, and made an appeal as soon as possible. The school called on teachers and students to donate stationery to children in the disaster-hit area. The donation was very influential at that time. A lot of stationery was donated to the schools in the disaster-hit area. "Liu Zhan later came to NFLS to study. Considering that our class had just done the fund-raising activities, the school arranged Liu Zhan to our class. We welcomed him with enthusiasm, I specially arranged Gu Xizhe, the league secretary, to share the table with him. "

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Mr. Zhu Zheng, a teacher in charge of Class 5, senior Grade 1, took the lead in issuing a fund raising proposal

Seeing Liu Zhan, Principal Zhu's thoughts went back to ten years ago. "he was very cheerful and soon got along well with his classmates. Moreover, he had a strong ability to take care of himself and studied very hard. With his efforts to this day, now he can make a living in Australia, I am happy for him! "

The then NFLS deskmate who has the same splendid smile,is an actuary now and talked with Liu Zhan in video in the United States.

In the report of the Jinling Evening News ten years ago, there was a photo of Liu Zhan, smiling brilliantly. It was Gu Xizhe, the league secretary of the former senior high school, sitting next to him who also smiled brilliantly. Gu has worked as an actuary and an actuarial consultant for companies in LA, USA. On the morning of January 15th, Liu Zhan and Principal Zhu Zheng had a special video chat with Gu Xi-zhe, who is far away in the United States. It was such a wonderful thing for the old deskmates to see each other again.


Liu Zhan and his old deskmate,Gu Xizhe had a video chat

The reporter also interviewed Gu Xizhe through WeChat. "it feels like he's much more mature than before," Gu said. “But he is still as cheerful as he used to be. I remember we talked a lot about our school and their school similarities and differences, because he was from Mianyang Foreign language School, which had a lot in common at the aspect of attaching importance to the education of foreign languages. Of course, we also talked about Sichuan cuisine and the dialects of Sichuan and Nanjing. Now I also saw the Jinling Evening News newspaper. There was me in the photo. I heard he was still in touch with many classmates in our class. It was a precious friendship."

Ding Haitao, a classmate from Class 5, senior Grade 1, was very happy to hear that Liu Zhan was back. Now Ding Haitao is working in Shanghai in bond investment. He told reporters that he and Liu Zhan spent a short month with each other, but they established a lifetime friendship. " after Liu Zhan came into our class, he soon got along well with us, on the one hand, he was very easy to get along with, on the other hand, the students from NFLS were very hospitable. Our school had a piano for everyone to play, Liu Zhan played the piano very well, just within a few days he showed his talent and attracted a group of fans. Later when he returned, everyone was reluctant to say goodbye. He had many friends in NFLS. Now he is in Australia, we still keep in touch with him. "

From: Jinling Evening News
Written by Zi Jinshan /  Jinling Evening News reporter, Chen Xi