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NFLS News 2017 Top 10

NFLS News 2017 Top 10
I Junior 3 and Senior 3 students of 2017 did a good job in graduation exams. The average score of High School Entrance Exam ranked 1st of the city, and 3 of our students were among the municipal top ten. 100 percent of Senior 3 students were admitted to colleges, 99.6 percent of them to the first class ones, 29 to Peking University or Tsinghua University, and over 200 to 100 world-famous universities such as Harvard, Yale and Cambridge. NFLS ranked first of our country in the number of students admitted to American Ivy League colleges.

II We achieved great results in competitions of science. In math, physics and informatics, we had 3 students in the national training team, 9 in the provincial team and 45 winning the National 1st Prize. In the final of S.T. Yau High School Science Award 2017, NFLS students got 2 Gold Award of the 5 of the globe, and a Silver Award and a Bronze Award also.
III We had excellent performance in many other kinds of competitions. In various science and technology innovation competitions, 3 students won the Provincial Grand Prize and 8 Provincial Group Grand Prize. 21 students got the Provincial 1st Prize and 9 Group 1st Prize. Besides, we actively took part in the provincial and municipal competitions of aerobics, basketball, badminton, pingpong and racing, and accomplished good results. NFLS students also participated in contests of foreign languages, Model UN, writing, debating, Chinese culture, speaking of constitution learning and national defense as well.

IV Our teachers won different awards. Teacher Qiao Lan received her National 1st Prize in the National High School Physics Teaching Competition 2017. And in the 6th Basic Chinese Teaching Skills Competition, Teacher Zhang Yue got the 1st Prize of on-site teaching, and Jiang Rongkui and Zou Shanyan the 1st Prize and 2nd Prize of Excellent Teaching Case. In the 6th Jiangsu Middle School Chemistry Experiment Competition, Teacher Xu Liangliang got the 1st Prize.  Teacher Lu Mei, Shi Lijuan, Li Chunqiu, Jin Lu, Ye Bing, Zhu Aihua, Shi Xiucheng and Cai Chunlei also won the 1st Prize in municipal competitions.

V NFLS hosted the 10th International Middle School Student Leaders Forum. 7 schools from China, America, Germany, Belgium and South Africa took part in the forum in March. Students from different countries gathered together to do research on “Made in China” and explore the meaning of “leaders”.

VI NFLS Art Alliance was established. NFLS Art Alliance was started in June and held the exhibition “When Science and Technology Meet Art”.  In August they organized the exhibition “Their and Our Future” about Syrian children refugees and NFLS teachers and students’ works and in December the exhibition “the Most Beautiful NFLS” as well as other events.

VII We made a way of transition to oversea college education. In order to help high school students improve their English writing and reading to transit successfully to oversea college education, NFLS worked with UC Berkeley and started a credit course for Senior 2 and 3 students who benefited a lot from it.

VIII NFLS held the 5th IYNT. The tournament was held in China for the first time in June. 18 teams from 11 countries including China, Russia, Sweden, New Zealand, Iran and Indonesia joined in it. NFLS Junior 3 team won a Silver Medal.

IX Leaders of the province visited the teachers. On September 8, the Provincial Party Committee Secretary Mr. Li Qiang, visited our school and met our teachers. Secretary Li Qiang spoke highly of our way of training students in combining knowledge of east and west, science and arts. Pan Jinlong, Member of the Standing Party Committee and General Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Miao Rui, Director Ge Daokai of Jiangsu Education Bureau, Secretary Zhang Sheng of Nanjing Education Work Committee and other leaders were also present.

X STEM Education were fully promoted. STEM + Education in All the Subjects won the 1st Prize of Jiangsu Education 2017. The 1st Jiangsu STEM Education Conference was held in our school on September 28. NLFS was named Excellent STEM Education School, one of the 10 schools in the country.