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Report about the Art Show Performances, Class New Year Party, Campfire Ball

Report about the Art Show Performances, Class New Year Party, Campfire Ball

On December 28th, 2017, NFLS was busy and full of joy, and as lively as New Year's Day. The campus was filled with happiness early in the morning. The students were busy rehearsing, putting on makeup and performing, decorating the class.......While the alumni, like our family members who work outside, that day, they finally returned home for the family reunion. Even rain couldn’t stop their desire to return home.

On this very day, NFLS was celebrating great events: art show performances, class New Year’s party, campfire ball!

Art Show Performances

This is the 32nd Art Festival, the theme of this festival is "ancient rhyme in today’s wind." Listening to the ancient rhyme in the wind of the present world. Read the Chinese soul, cultivate the world mind. 5000 years of cultural precipitation has deeply rooted in he people’s hearts. The clanging bell of the new era is sonorous and forceful, the students savor history in their own way and greet the new future.

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Choral "the Happiness of Snow"  by junior Grade one

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Dance "Silk Red Place ·Lantern Flower" by Class 9, junior Grade 1

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Play “ the Empty City Scheme” by Class 8, junior Grade 2

7 8

Song and Dance "Yuhang Town" by Cambridge Class 1, Senior Grade 2

9  10

Drama from textbook “The Police and the Hymn” by Class 10, junior Grade 3

11 12

Drama "World and Soul" by  Class 4 of senior Grade

13 14  

Cheer leading dance "NFLS Circus" by the  cheer leading group of senior Grade 1

15 16  

Drama “New Imperial Concubine Drunkenness”by Sina-Canadian 11A

17 18  

Drama "Never Giving up the Love Chain "by Class 7, junior Grade 2

19 20  

Singing and dancing” Pretty Girls and Handsome Boys”by Sino-Canadian 10A

21 22  

Play "the Picture in a Picture" by Cambridge Class 2, senior Grade 1

23 24  

Song and Dance "The Old’s New Life" by Class 6, senior Grade 1

25 26  

Drama “Zhaojun Departs the Frontier” by Class 2, junior Grade 1

27 28

Song "Singing the Same Song" by Class 12, junior Grade 1

29 30  

Drama “Ancient Echoes” by Class 3, senior Grade 1

31 32  

Dance” Yao Ethnic Group ‘s Ballerina” by Ballerina National Music Fragrance Association Dance Society

33 4  

Drama “ The Summer Solstice in the 38th Year”by Class 8, senior Grade 2

35 36  

Song and Dance "Dao Ma Dan" by Class 9, junior Grade 2

Class New Years Party

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The atmosphere of the class party was very lively, students temporarily put aside the pressure of study, watching the class's funny performances, laughing freely under the stage. Everyone bid farewell to 2017 and embrace 2018 with a bright smile.

Campfire Ball

Principal Zou Zheng, Chairman of the Student Union, Wang Ran, the Nice Young Man who Bring Warmth in Winter to bring warmth Chen Yu’ang lit a bonfire together, the party that the students have been waiting for a long time started!

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One student said, "every year when the bonfire is burning, the familiar music of the rabbit dance is played, and all the NFLS students all over the world know that they are home."We wish in the new year, all the people in NFLS are happy, safe and moving forward!