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NFLS Students Have Received Offers from Famous Universities from All over the World

NFLS Students Have Received Offers from Famous Universities from All over the World

Now it is time to apply for universities, there has been good news frequently. So far, more than 170 NFLS students have received offers from famous universities all over the world.


There are nearly 60 students from the  main school of NFLS who have been accepted by American universities. Among them, there are two offers from Yale, one from Columbia University, on from Chicago Universities, 2 from Duke, 3 from PU, 4 from Cornell, 8 from University of Heidelberg, 2 from Washington St. Louis, and many from Rice, Emory University, Cameron, New York University, etc. 31 students were accepted by Toronto University through the green channel, and a group of students were enrolled by France National Applied Science Institute.

At the International Branch School, more than 110 students were accepted in advance. Among them there are Cornell University, Washington St. Louis, Emory, Tufts University,Rogers University, New York University, Wake University, Toronto University in Canada,Alberta University, Queen’s University, Manchester University in UK, London College and other famous universities in the world. 

Let’s approach these top students around us and listen to what they have experienced along the way.

have seen countless English movies, listened to audio books while doing her homework

Name: Xu Xuanhuang
The primary school she graduated from: Yincheng Branch School of Lasa Road Primary School
The junior high and senior high: NFLS
The school applied in advance: Yale
Hobbies: seeing movies, reading, traveling, piano, archery

What I learned most from the process of the application was that we should cater to the schools’ preferences blindly but try to find what our biggest enthusiasm was. From junior high, I have read a large number of English original books including all kinds of classics and books about history and philosophy, my preference to the original versions does not only lie in reading them, but try to find the audio materials to play on my way to school or home, even when I was doing my homework as background music.

My mother often jokes about me: while I was doing math exercises to prepare for the competitions, I played Pearl, King of the Ring, Sophies World and other audio books, it is something that she can’t understand at all. I had seen numerous English movies, so my English level was close to that of native speakers’ when I entered the senior high of NFLS, in senior Grade 2, the first semester, in October, I had 1570 points in my first SAT, an ideal grade, 119 in TOEFL, I felt that I didn’t spend too much time preparing for the standardized exam, so I had a lot of time and energy to spend in the art courses to explore more deeply in which I was more interested.

The Shy Young Guy Who Loves a Free Environment for Studying

Name: Lv Hanbai
The primary school he graduated from: Lixue Primary School
The junior high and senior high: NFLS
The school applied in advance: Yale
Hobbies: reading, playing the piano

I think that the biggest support that my family has given me was freedom, which was a good guiding support instead of forcing me. Of course, it was very helpful for our application that my family, especially my parents tried to know the activities, competitions, or find some training courses, but as for choosing a school, a major and the course, it would be best if we were given certain amount of freedom.
It is doubtless that NFLS has provided us with a very good surrounding for us to make applications as an international student. Not only that we have very high level in English ( this is different from many school in textbooks, course requirements, reading), but there are very flexible schedules for us during the process of application. These provides a great deal of chances for the students to make applications with the guidance from school, and the students have sufficient time to study by themselves and arrange activities. While filling our the application forms, the good experience that NFLS has accumulated in this aspect is of great help to us, by reading the reference materials, consult the alumni, we can avoid a lot of unnecessary mistakes.
She who Called Herself“ Literature Club Dog" Said Her favorite Major Was History

Name: Jiang Yunfang
The primary school she graduated from: Langya Road Primary School
The junior high and senior high: NFLS
The school giving the offer: Columbia University
Hobbies: reading, traveling, writing movie comments, folk music, guitar, piano with the 10th level, ukulele ( learned by self-study), karate

I love a lot of things, very different things, basically, I read almost everything, I read wide range of knowledge. I called myself “ literature club dog”. Since I was little, I read a lot of books about literature history and philosophy. The most activities I participated in were about art, for example, speeches, model UN delegation, debates, I was awarded championship in speech contests. In college, I want to study history. In primary school, I got up at 6:30, watched the TV show “ the Lecture Room”, I took notes while watching. For those parts which I had much interest in, I would search for information on line to analyze the cause and result. I attach great importance to the exploration of documents
I am quite into feminism. I like Shirley Sandburg a lot, who established the organization “learnin”to provide the working women with the right to make suggestions. I contacted the person in charge of Learnin in Nanjing and joined the organization, I also had a We-chat public number appealing for equal rights in different sex and organized my classmates to write articles. Columbia University has been the school of my dream, regardless of its good location and the title of one of the Ivy league, what really attracts me is the school principles and the rigid academic atmosphere.
A Scientific Talent Who is Skillful at Magic Cube And Interested in Traditional Operas
Name: Liu Yifan
The primary school he graduated from: Fangcaoyuan Primary School
The junior high and senior high: NFLS

The university he applied in advance: Chicago University

From junior high to senior high, I attended the contests of different courses under the teachers’ guidance, as a result, I won the 1st prize in math and physics in the province, the 1st prize in Information in the country. Accidentally I was inspired -- thinking about the waves’ influence to the tiles on the bottom of swimming pool -- I made up a team with a friend from senior Grade 2, we discussed, did experiments, analyzed, then we finished an essay which was more than 30 pages, with the title “ the Research on Measuring Water Waves' 3D Shapes by Using Laser Bunches”and we entered for the Qiu Chengtong Science Prize. After the assessments on line and the two debates in Qinghua University and Fudan University, our research was on the top ten in the country, 
For those who apply for the universities in the US, the academic specialties is not enough, for me, I have been very interested in soccer, magic cube, translation, bubbing ( even dub the traditional operas). The flexible schedule in NFLS gives the students the most freedom possible so we can really arrange our spare time.
The application for US universities is like sailing on an endless, vast ocean. It is different from the national entrance exam which determines the enrollments by the exam results, nobody knows what kinds of applicants the US admission officers are into. I‘d like to share with everybody this line, “ Wearing simple shoes toward anywhere a simple heart is heading. Life is like rowing in a boat made of reeds against the river.”
A Top Student in Physics Who Is Keen on Protecting Traditional Music
Name: Geng Jiangchao
The primary school he graduated from: the Primary School of Yuying 2nd Foreign Language School
The junior high he graduated from: junior high of Yuying 2nd Foreign Language School
Senior high: NFLS

The school he was enrolled: Duke University

I ' m a science student , and physics is my favorite subject . So I also took part in a series of physics competitions and activities . For example , I did a satisfactory job in the National High School Physics League , the United States Physics Cup , the English Physical Olympic Games , and so on . This year I won the Gold Prize in the physics prize of the Qiu Chengtong High School Physics , and I studied the interesting issues of how the particles would automatically form symmetrical patterns on the vibrating plate . This is the reward for my physics learning for over two years.
In addition to physics, I am also keen on music protection. Last summer vacation, I went to Shangri-la, Yunnan Province, to protect the unique music culture there and promote it online. This year I joined the Kunqu Opera Protection Group to protect Kunqu Opera, which originated in Jiangsu Province. In the process, I also realized that cultural exchanges between China and the United States were an irreversible trend, so American universities also provided me with a platform to promote Chinese traditional music culture. My other hobbies include: basketball, badminton, guitar and so on.
The Handsome Young Boy Teaches American Students to Write Calligraphy
Name: Wang Hengzhi
The primary school he graduated from: Xiaoxihu Primary School
Junior high: NFLS

Admission university: University of Pennsylvania

On the evening of the 13th when PU announced the  information about admission, I couldn't sleep all night. I couldn't sleep after I woke up at 7: 00. All I could do was to sit at the dinner table and look at my cell phone, doing the countdown . I couldn't stop my heart thumping.
I think one of the most important experiences in high school was the exchange in an American high school. I was lucky to be selected in my second semester in senior Grade 1. I had a chance to go to St. Louis University High School as an exchange student for half a year. My classmates came from many different places. In the chemistry class, a little brother from Iran was sitting next to me. In the history class,  the one sitting opposite from me was from Venezuela... they brought me a lot of interesting news and stories. Later I shared this interesting experience with the admission officer during the interview. I thought I was lucky to have access to so many cultures and so many stories on the other side of the Earth. It  broadened my horizon and provoked some thinking as well.
In addition to these, I started to practice calligraphy when I was little. So around that Spring Festival in the United States, I organized a small event to invite my American friends to experience the hands-on writing of Chinese calligraphy. At the same time, I introduced some tips about Chinese traditional culture, hoping that while I was trying to learn more about their social culture, I could tell my own stories and share with them my own culture.
He Designed a STEM Courses for the Kids in Countryside
Name: Wu ZhengxunThe primary school he graduated from: Beijing East Road Primary SchoolThe junior high: Xianlin Branch School of NFLS

Senior high: Class IB of NFLS

The admission university: Cornell University

Hobbies: physics research, reading, swimming, football, movies


Although academic activities such as some minor mathematical physics competitions have partly improved my research ability in the short term, the most meaningful activity for me is Rural STEM Club.
How to help the country children fall in love with knowledge discovery (search), stimulate their curiosity and thirst for knowledge? I thought it was a good idea to start from the STEM program. So that’s my basic logic to build this activity:  through my own design of STEM course to stimulate the rural children to love science and technology, to build the ways of thinking through low-cost platforms with internet to solve the problems independently.
For this, I made a plan, did a survey, visited STEM teachers; designed courses, created a website, set up the team, did investigations on the spot, practiced the courses in some of the poorest schools around Yunnan and those not so poor high schools in Nanjing. I thought, it would be a very valuable and meaningful thing even if only one of my students was inspired in my class, but he was clever and studied and solved a problem in life. The possibility to create value and meaningfulness makes me feel rather happy.
NFLS Principle, Mr. Zou Zheng:  New Start and New Challenge Require Continual Efforts

President Zou Zheng, while congratulating those who were accepted early by famous schools, offered his reminders and expectations. President Zou warned students that although they had already been admitted to famous schools, they didn’t  learn enough but just stood at a new starting point, in the future they would face new challenges and more hardships, they need to continue to try hard , instead of considering the admission as the ultimate goal.

The above articles were from: Modern Express, Longhu Net


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