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Good News of NFLS from the 23rd NOIP 2017

Good News of NFLS from the 23rd NOIP 2017

The result of NOIP 2017 was eventually released after the preliminary contest in October and the semi-final in November. Wu Siyang and Chen Sunli got full mark (the only 2 of our province). Yin Jiusi was named the Best Female Contestant. NFLS won the 2nd Place of the Secondary Group and the 2nd Place of the Advanced Group.

31 of NFLS students got the 1st Prize, 11 the 2nd Prize, 10 the 3rd Prize of the Advanced Group, and 23 the 1st Prize, 12 the 2nd Prize, 23 the 3rd Prize of the Advanced Group. In Jiangsu Province, altogether there were 40 1st Prize winners and 12 2nd Prize winners of the Advanced Group and 35 1st Prize winners and 25 2nd Prize winners of the Secondary Group.

Congratulations on NFLS students’ great achievement again! Thank all the coaches of the Information Technology Group for their effort and all the headmasters for their strong support.

NFLS Information Technology Group
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