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Jiangsu “Praising, Reading, learning and Sharing Program” in NFLS

Jiangsu Praising, Reading, learning and Sharing Program in NFLS 

By Sun Ningman from Class 2 Junior Grade 1

On the afternoon of November 24th, 2017, after the 3rd class, NFLS Junior 1 students came to the report hall to watch the performance hosted by Jiangsu Youth League Committee, the Provincial Civilization Office. In front of the the visual and spiritual feast, the students tasted and thought about the infinite charm of ancient and modern Chinese culture.


Entering the report hall, the students were impressed by the careful decoration. At first there was whispering out of curiosity, but as the curtain opened gradually and the host started to speak with great passion, the whole room was quiet.

Keep our original intention in mind

The theme of the event was “carrying forward dreams and moving on”. The event aims to promote and develop excellent traditional Chinese culture, to improve the quality of the youngsters of the province, to strengthen their belief, and to guide them to be the successor of Chinese socialism career by the ways that the young people like.

The audience

The performance began with the reading of “Chinese Youngsters” by Jinling Primary School when the young and convinced voice rose up. The wonderful performance, which was considered a real spiritual feast for the audience, was presented in various forms, such as reading, drama, singing, dancing and instruments playing.

Among all the exciting programs, there was the poem reading Monument full of emotions and tears; there was appreciation of the 3 good books the Red in My Heart, which told about the importance of the books for the Party and the people over time; there was the fantastic last program: singing and dancing Keep Our Original Intention in Mind, which reminded everyone present to get ready for future challenges. NFLS students from Class 6 Senior 2 and Chinese Music Association presented the dancing Chinese Characters and Chinese instruments playing, which showed that NFLS students spent time on studying and carrying forward excellent Chinese culture.

Chinese Characters by Class 6 Senior Grade 2
Chinese Music Association
The Enlightenment of Sound Patterns
Chinese Youngsters
We sang the praise of the wise of the past, read poems and proverbs, learned good manners and history and shared the classic works.
Around 5:00 PM, as the last mote of music faded in cheerful chatting and laughing, the students left the report hall in order. There was still sunshine left outside of the window and what was left in our hearts was not only joy but also responsibility.
There is still a long way to go, so we will make efforts to move on.
We will live up to all the expectations, carry on past traditions and open up a way for those who follow, remember our mission, pass on the Chinese spirit and let the great Chinese culture remain and develop generation after generation.
The actors acknowledging the applause