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NFLS Academic Committee “Famous Teacher Training Program”: Pairing of Masters and Apprentices

NFLS Academic Committee “Famous Teacher Training Program”: Pairing of Masters and Apprentices

On the afternoon of November 22, NFLS “Famous Teacher Training Program”, the pairing of masters and apprentices was held in the Little Theater. The program was organized by NFLS Academic Committee, aiming to make full use of the resource of the committee members, to promote the professional development of our young teachers, and to train those with potentials to become leading role of the subject, Master Teachers or Senior teachers. According to the program, every member of the committee has 1 to 3 apprentices. A master and a apprentice choose each other out of their own will and form a pair. School leaders Zou Zheng, Liu Qianshu, Zhou Yi, Lian Kai and Zhu Zheng, 19 masters and 40 apprentices participated in the ceremony hosted by Secretary General Chen Yi of NFLS Academic Committee.


Secretary General Chen Yi of NFLS Academic Committee hosting the ceremony


The ceremony

First of all, Vice Principal Zhou Yi read the names of the masters and apprentices and the agreement of pairing. Then Principal Zou presented the certificates of appointment to the masters. After that the apprentices bowed down to the masters as an inviting teaching ceremony and they took pictures together.


Vice Principal Zhou Yi announcing the names of masters and apprentices and the agreement of pairing


Masters and apprentices of arts


Masters and apprentices of science Group 1


Masters and apprentices of science Group 2


Masters and apprentices of foreign languages


The Inviting Teaching Ceremony

Xu Liangliang, one of the apprentices, valued the opportunity a lot. “Inviting the experts to be our teachers means to carry forward their spirit of loving our job as a teacher and making sacrifice and to learn how to teach with rigorous scholarship. We must be modest when we ask for help and accep their instructions and supervision genuinely. We must be strict with ourselves, earnest to learn, asking questions, having discussions, making summaries and going to the masters if we have problems.” He also thought while learning from the experts, we must also consider about our own style, practice what we have learned and explore what we don’t know so that we would have more experience and find our own way and style of teaching as soon as possible.


Representative apprentice Xu Liangliang

Ms. Li Aiyun was one of the masters. She gave advice for the apprentices from 4 aspects, to be one who has dreams, to be a lifetime learner, to be one who “lights up the lamp” and to be one who loves life. She said, “Only if we keep learning, can we keep up with our time and our students.” Ms. Li Aiyun explained that we need to learn from books because reading is an important way to improve ourselves, both in profession and character; we need to learn from experts of all walks of life, to attend their lectures and find out the things that are worth learning and imitating; we need to learn from our colleagues because a group of three people will always include a teacher in NFLS; we need to learn from our students, because the former students may have something to teach us and today’s students know things that we don’t know.


 Ms. Li Aiyun

At last Principal Zou Zheng, director of NFLS Academic Committee, summarized that teachers need both dreams and practice, not only sacrifice but also creativity. He talked about his experience of doing experiment and the great help of rigorous attitude for his professional development. “As middle school teachers, we need the concept of unceasing creativity, leaning and making progress to keep up with our time so that we may stay in the front of our field.” Principal Zou also mentioned about how he spent his time after work doing research with professors of Nanjing University. He said that love made you want to learn and to make efforts to investigate. Though some research projects had nothing to do with middle school teaching but they played an important part in improving quality, broadening vision and managing teaching from a higher perspective. Maybe that was why he could be the youngest master chemistry teacher and one of the first Senior Teachers, equal to professors in college. Regarding the recent experience of being the director of recommending committee of Senior Teachers of Nanjing, Principal Zou told everyone that over the past years, the standard of being Senior Teachers has been becoming higher and higher, including the detailed requirements of projects and papers, evaluations of the teachers’ performance in class and evaluation of their morality. Principal Zou hoped that the ceremony would help the masters and apprentices to respect each other, learn from each other and appreciate each other so that they would grow together and that the young teachers would make progress more quickly and further improve the school’s research to new level.

Principal Zou Zheng

The hostess Chen Yi said that the ceremony was only a starting point. The masters and apprentices could sign the agreement afterwards. The agreement is more than a promise. It is a responsibility that the masters and apprentices should take seriously. “Let us work together for a better future of NFLS, “ said Ms. Chen Yi.

Appendix 1: names of the masters and apprentices.


Appendix 2: masters of ”Famous Teachers Training Program” of NFLS Academic Committee13 14