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NFLS Teachers Helped Hongyuan Primary School of Siyang

NFLS Teachers Helped Hongyuan Primary School of Siyang

Books are the steps leading to the progress of human beings. With books, children will grow in wisdom and imagination. Arranged by NFLS Party Committee, Director Lu Yan of NFLS Student Affairs’ Office and some of the Party Members and teaching staff went to Hongyuan Primary School in Siyang County on the morning of November 14th. It has been 3 years since we began to help and support Hongyuan Primary School. This year besides the latest 100 books for the children, Chinese teacher Dai Xia of Junior 2 also taught a class of the 6th Grade as a good example for all the Chinese teachers of the town.

Principal Hong Leiqi of the school hosted the donating ceremony. Others present included Principal Liu Xuxi of Ai Yuanzhen Primary School, Leader Han Ying and member Li Jiangguo of Help-The-Poor Team sent by the Provincial Party Committee to Siyang, and Mr. Han of the town Party Committee. Teachers and leaders expressed great expectations for the children, and student representative Zhou Ruoyao promised, on behalf of all the students, to cherish the opportunity to learn, to work hard for excellence in study and to pass the love on.

The Chinese class was taught in the report hall of Aiyuan Primary School around 1:30 PM. Ms. Dai Xia tried to influence the students with her kindness, getting close to them like a friend, guiding them how to read and arousing their passion for reading.

This event served to build a better platform to interact with Hongyuan Primary School and Aiyuanzhen Primary School, which effectively promoted the renewing of education concept and the development of teaching methods of the teachers in the town and reached our goal of the help-and-support event.

The help-and-support event
The children carrying books actively, wearing clothes donated by NFLS
Director Lu Yan speaking
Representative student Zhou Yaoyue speaking
The donating ceremony started
Teacher Dai Xia’s reading class
 9 10
Teacher Dai Xia encouraging the children to speak which aroused their passion for study