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NFLS Teacher Zhu Shengqiang Lecturing in “Master Teachers’ Classroom”

NFLS Teacher Zhu Shengqiang Lecturing in Master Teachers Classroom

Nanjing “Master Teachers’ Classroom” was held in NFLS on the afternoon of November 10. Master Math teacher of Jiangsu, core member of Nanjing High School Math Group, teacher Zhu Shengqiang of NFLS was invited to teach a class about Math learning.


Math is very import in high school because it is one of the subjects that are included in selective exams like College Entrance Examination. To learn Math well, one needs a solid foundation, independent thinking and a certain amount of practice.

Many students have realized the importance of Math after entering high school. In order to improve and achieve a better result in exams, they usually spend more time on practice. Is it true that the more practice you do, the more productive you will be? Now that the time they spend on study remains the same, what should they do for a better understanding of this subjec as to have better solutions to the problems?


To this Teacher Zhu Shengqiang put forward 3 essential points. First, the learner must have a solid foundation. Neglecting foundation will have a bad effect later. A good foundation enables you to deal with different problems with different application of the fundamental knowledge. Second, the learner should not aim at sheer quantity of practice, because it is not only bad for one to have a breakthrough, but also easy to arouse negative attitude that makes things worse. Third, the learner needs to think deeply, to construct a clear knowledge network, to summarize and understand the mathematical thinking behind so that he may good deep into the subject and achieve an ideal result.


In the end Teacher Zhu expressed his thanks to “Master Teachers’ Classroom” for this opportunity as a volunteer to provide service, and hoped that his lecture would be beneficial to the audience.

Master Teachers’ Classroom

Nanjing “Master Teachers’ Classroom” is a signature program organized by Nanjing Education Bureau and Nanjing Education Committee. Its mission is to “sacrifice, love, help and improve”. By the service provided by the volunteers, they aim to spread advanced education concepts, promote right teaching actions, pass positivity and build the good image of education of Nanjing.

Introduction of the Guest

Zhu Shengqiang, Master High School Math Teacher of Jiangsu, Senior Middle School Teacher, Municipal Model Worker, Math Teaching Leader of Nanjing, Excellent Individual in Jiangsu High School Math Textbook Reform Experiment, Excellent Individual of Nanjing High School Teaching, core member of Nanjing High School Math Group

Mr. Zhu has been teaching Math for almost 31 years, used to teach senior 3 students of arts for more than 10 years. Over the past 13 years, he has been teaching the experimental science class of NFLS and has a lot experience in helping the underachievers and those talented in Math.

Mr. Zhu has published more than 100 papers in magazines on at least the provincial level, and many of them on core journals such as Math Education and Math General. He has participated in the edition of 6 textbooks. He also hosted the Research on Practically Decreasing High School Math Assignments, a project on the provincial level, and Practical Research on Cognitive Diagnosis for Errors Math Assignments, a municipal project.

About the explorative class teaching and how to improve the effectiveness of Math assignment, Mr. Zhu has considerable thinking that lasted for a long time. Over the years of teaching in science experimental class, he has carefully designed specific homework and built up the students’ good habits of learning. He is good at creating questions that guide students to actively take part in the thinking process, trying to help them to be willing to learn, to be good at learning and to enjoy learning. His research findings on investigative high school Math teaching won the First Prize of Nanjing Education Science Research.