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Good News: 100% Have Passed the Undergraduate Students’ Enrollment Line, the Total Average Scores 373, 99.6% Have Reached the First-batch Universities’ Requirements! NFLS 2017 Had a Successful Result in the Entrance Exam

The result of 2017 entrance exam to universities has revealed, Grade 2017 senior Grade 3 made great achievements: 21 students entered for the entrance exam, all of them reached the undergraduate students’ enrollment line, their optional courses selection was 100% matched ( Rate A was 81%) ; 3 students got more than 400 points, nine more than 380 points, 19 more than 352 points, the total average scores are 373; including the recommended students and those who plan to study abroad, 99.6% of the students will go to first-batch universities.
Liu Haonan was No. 1 with the score of 414; Wu Di, Chen Zhiyang, Wu Jianing were accepted by Peking University and Qinghua University with preferential scores, their scores were higher than the requirement line.
Grade 2017 did an excellent job, Ding Lihuang was selected to be on the National Math and Information Training Team, Gao Yihan on the National Math Training Team, Liu Yiran on the National Physics Training Team. 146 students were given offers by more than ten well-known universities in China or abroad. In the written test for Peking University as recommended students, our students were NO. 1, 2 and 6 among the top 10; in the test for Qinghua University as recommended students, the top 5 in total scores, our students occupied 4 of them. Together 29 students were accepted by Peking University and Qinghua University, including those who were accepted by competitions, linguistics recommended students and those who were accepted by the good scores in the entrance exam.
In Grade 2017, altogether more than 270 students were given offers by more than 100 universities in seven different countries. This year, we have the more students than any other school in China who were enrolled by American Ivy League, we have more than 100 students who were enrolled by the comprehensive universities in America which are among the top 30 universities. The footprints of NFLS students’ will be all over Harvard, Yale, Cambridge and other famous universities.
Here, we’d like to tell all our teachers and students the good news, thank all the senior Grade 3 teachers and other school faculty for their sincere devotion 

June 25th, 2017