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NFLS Minority Language Teaching Reform: Junior 1 Students Will Have 9 Minority Language Classes and 4 English Classes per Week

On June 19, 2017, all NFLS minority language teachers had a meeting about the course design and teaching reform of German, Japanese and French. As early as 1 year before, the Principal Room and Teaching Affairs’ Office had started to go to different language schools of our country, doing research on the course design of minority languages or 2nd foreign languages. Recently, they have also had seminars with different groups of people for many times. After comprehensive evaluation, NFLS has decided to make changes about the course establishment of Junior 1 students from September this year.

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Japanese reading room
The New Junior 1 minority language students will have 9 minority language classes and 4 English classes each week, including 2 classes by the foreign teachers. The minority language will be their 1stforeign language, English their 2ndforeign language, and both are compulsory.
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German reading room
The change aims to make full use of the advantages of our school and help our students to be more competitive. Each teaching and research group will work together to enrich our teaching resources, enhance the efficiency of our classes, actively explore new ways of minority language learning, and try to accomplish our new goal, that is, when our students graduate from junior high, hopefully their 1st language will be at a high level, and their 2nd langauge English as good as other junior 3 students.
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French reading room