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Tencent Security Course in NFLS: Conversation with Students about “Traps in the Internet World”

On June 12, a special course about internet security was introduced to NFLS by Tencent Security Team, Internet Security Team of Jiangsu Public Security Department and Internet Security Team of Nanjing.

 Vice Principal Wang Ruiqing hosting the class)
According to “Tencent Security View”, unlike traditional middle school students who need to worry about entrance exams, NFLS students have the freedom to explore many fields, including internet techniques, and are confident enough to ask questions and express what they think.
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 Tencent security class in NFLS
In the class, the interaction between the expert and the students was more like sharing and discussion. Some of the questions they asked involved deep-level techniques, for instance, why not all big websites in China use https to encrypt data transmission?  If you reverse the installation of some programs on the cell phone, you may find extra software bound with them. Is this against the law? If your account is not stolen but used for advertisement. Does this mean your identity credential has been stolen?

Tencent security expert Zheng Jie was quite impressed by the students’wide range of knowledge and depth of thinking. With 15 years of internet security work experience, he patiently answered their divergent questions one by one. 

Tencent security expert Zheng Jie
 Speaking of how to prevent ourselves from addiction to internet, the innocent NFLS students’ provided many ideas. Some said limit internet speed so we would not want to play video games. Some said let the family buy us old-fashioned cell phones so we will have no access to video games…

The course also introduced about defraud by oversea students, internet language violence and wise use of internet information in terms of the characteristic of our students. The traps in the internet world were analyzed on the basis of real cases, which increased the students’ awareness of security, recognition of traps and deceit so that they might  take initiative to protect themselves and their personal information and property.

Besides, the internet is developing rapidly, which may create many “new games”. Expert reminded the students that it was good to have interest in internet techniques, but be careful not to violate the law. Recently Tencent safeguard Team have helped the police uncovered a case in Anyang where a group of teenagers made and spread virus disguised as video game tools to blackmail cell phone users.
By use of these cutting edge techniques and latest cases, Tencent security course is expected to help the young people with interests in internet to increase their awareness of the law so that they would not offend other people. Hopefully they would find a right direction on the way of exploring the internet world.
This is another layer of meaning of Tencent Security Course into school.