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To Protect the Environment, Volunteers Are Acting: “Professor Butterfly” Li Zhaohui’s Lecture in NFLS

In order to improve the students in science quality and creativity more quickly, Nanjing started a series of educational events for primary and secondary schools from April 2017. Led by teacher Xu Shengyuan of the Biology Group, NFLS launched the butterfly observation contest with the support from Applied Ecology Institute of Nanjing Xiaozhuang University.

On the afternoon of May 8th, Li Zhaohui, Director of Applied Ecology Institute of Nanjing Xiaozhuang University and Leader of Jiangsu Butterfly Observation Project, was invited to give our Junior 1 students a lectured called “Butterfly Monitoring and Environment Protection”. The students seemed quite interested. The frequent interaction between the students and the speaker produced intense sparkles of thoughts.


Professor Li first explained the difference between butterflies and moths and how to distinguish the kind of butterflies. For instance, there is a kind of butterfly whose shapes of wings differs when it opens the wings compared to when it closes them. Males also look not the same with females. This requires the students to have a certain understanding and experience about creatures in nature. The students appreciated many photos of butterflies: Y grey butterfly with a Y on it, the colorful luehdorfia chinensis, junonia orithya with eye-shaped markings, Sericinus montelus with a belt-like tail and so on. Looking that the delicate pictures on the screen of the report hall, they were all amazed by the beauty hidden in nature.


Then Professor Li introduced Butterfly Monitoring organized by Jiangsu Butterfly Monitoring Center, which was so meaningful that it made the students get close to and understand nature. Hopefully they may go with their parents, taking a camera and a notebook and walking into the green forest on the mountain. Maybe the lovely little spirits would happen to be just around you.
The interaction part in the end turned out to be another highlight of the event. The students kept raising hands to ask questions.


When the lecture was over, the students seemed still in the world of butterflies. It is hoped that we would pay attention to the fun in nature, rest and coexist with nature and that everyone would have eyes that will discover the mystery which has been ignored by us. 

Exhibition of Butterfly on the 1st floor of building F