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Congratulations to Hu Qingyang from NFLS IB Class on Winning WWDC 2017 Scholarship

Good news from STEM +the cooperative course of NFLS and Apple. Hu Qingyang from IB Class of the International Department got WWDC 2017 Scholarship and is going to attend Worldwide Developer Conference 2017 from June 5th to 9th. WWDC Scholarship offers tickets to WWDC and food and accommodation in the US for talented students or members of STEM. Only less than 400 students of the globe each year will have this special experience. Congratulations to Hu Qingyang. Thanks to Teacher Li Shu.


As the only public school in China that got support from Apple in 2016, NFLS started the cooperative course Everyone Can Code with the company. There are a series of STEM + optional courses for the students. They could learn brand new ways of coding and improve themselves in STEM quality through the combination of new technologies and computer science. Hu Qingyang is one of them.

Hu Qingyang from IB Class 2 Senior Grade 1   
Hu Qingyang from IB Class 2 Senior Grade 1
 Miaomiao:It is said that WWDC 2017 Scholarship applicants need to create a short scene in Swift Playgrounds. The scene should be good enough to persuade the judges to give the scholarship. How did you make it? Where did this idea come from?

Hu Qingyang: the application this year is very special compared with the past. Instead of a complete large app, the applicants need to submit playground which is visually interactive. Besides, they have a new requirement called off-line evaluation, which means internet must not be needed in your work. This is not a small challenge for me. I would have to get rid of all the preparation I did in the winter holiday and start all over again. But at that time I only had one month left.

During the first week I hardly had any idea. Meanwhile I thought I still got another chance in Grade 2, not to mention the little experience I had in Swift program writing (I spent most time on PHP and JAVA and learned FB and C++ systematically), so I did not actively prepare for it at first.
On an afternoon of the next week when I was trying to scan a big poster with UAV, an idea came up. As a fan of railway, I often thought how to test the speed of a train in the carriage, but failed every time because there was no GPS signal in the carriage. However, UAV can do it. So I thought I could add a few acceleration transducers in playground to measure the present speed of IPad. I studied the data derived from the transducer of the vehicle, and at the same time referred to some open source about unmanned vehicle control on the internet and found that IPad actually had many necessary transducers in it.
Maybe because of my experience in programming in other languages, I began writing code after spending a few days getting familiar with swift. By reading the English documents of Apple again and again, I eventually finished the main functions in the middle of the 3rd week. But the actual results turned out not very good and there was a certain amount of error. A work like this would probably get rejected. So I turned the whole thing into a playground book to teach people how to get the data by the transducers. I added a tutorial in the beginning, a little game made by using transducers in the middle, which was to control the little ball on the screen by leaning IPad, and a samll application in the end. Then a book was created. Then I set the parameters which used to be controlled by me to be at the hands of the users, so as to add more teaching. The last thing was the most time consuming. Since it could not be tested on the computer, I had to send files back and forth between IPad and computer, taking so much time that I was not able to finish the software until 2 days before the closing date. And in the last 2 days I wrote 3 essays hurriedly and sent them a few hours before the deadline.

Miaomiao:How did you feel when you knew you got the scholarship?
Hu Qingyang: It was a Saturday. I woke up at 5:30 in the morning. According to last year’s experience, the results should not be released until 8:00 AM, taking the time difference into consideration. Realizing it was hard to fall asleep again I turned on my IPad with no hope, only to find the new mail in my mailbox. It said I was chosen. I still could not believe it until I opened the link in the mail and finished the confirmation with excitement and proud. Immediately I told my mom and Mr. Li and then went back to sleep. I got up again around 8:00 and talked with my classmates to know that I was the only winner of the scholarship in the school. It was so exciting. My efforts of weeks were finally paid off.
Miaomiao:What hobbies do you have?
Hu Qingyang: Besides studying, I like to do things related to computer or engineering. Several Senior 2 students and I built a school community on line named, and I spend most of my time on maintaining the website and developing clients. Sometimes in my winter vacation, a whole day just passed away without being noticed. We are also in charge of the live shows on the website, including the grand activities of the school, for instance, sports meet, foreign language festival and art festival. For the Talent Show at the end of last year we had as many as more than 2000 on line users.

At the weekend, I like to fly UAV for fun with my classmates. We have been to all big view spots of Nanjing. And also we take aerial photos of some big events or sports contests of the school. Recently I am studying development board and 3 D printing techniques. Once I spent a whole evening and finally figured out how to fix our association’s 3D printer which frequently broke down. 

Miaomiao:When did you begin to be interested in computer?
Hu Qingyang: My interest in computer started from Grade 4 in primary school. At first it was just for fun, later I began to learn about robots and simple coding. About when I was going to Junior High, I had an IPad and knew Apple. It was not long after I got to know Swift. Probably from the winter vacation I studied it by myself by reading a book, taking a look at the main grammar and makinh a very simple app, and later I was busy with the work of my website.
Miaomiao:Once again, congratulations to you!
Hu Qingyang: Thank you!
Playground: a convenient and visual code writing and debugging tool by Apple, only for little software, started from Swift 2.
Playground Book: something like a book composed by several Playgrounds for teaching use, only available on IPad.
Playgrounds: an App by Apple in 2016, which supports creating little application or games in Swift for running Playground or Playground Book. There are also things about Apple official that teaches you to learn coding in an interactive and visual way. It could be downloaded in app store, and IOS 10 and Ipad would be needed.