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Pursue excellence and bravely scale new heights

Pursue excellence and bravely scale new heights

The gold medalists of the 2020 national five subjects’ competition have been announced. Students from the NFLS achieved excellent results. Eight students were selected into the national training team, the number one in the province, including 3 in mathematics and 5 in informatics. 11 people won the national Olympiad gold medal, the number one in the province, including 4 in mathematics, 5 in informatics, 1 in physics, 1 in chemistry. In addition, a 10th grader (was a 9th grader at the time of the competition) won the national informatics gold medal.

Big congratulations to the winners! We would like to sincerely thank the teachers for their hard work!

The NFLS educational ideal is to allow students to "develop in an all-around way and grow freely", so that every student can become the best of himself/herself and make due contributions to the country and mankind. Our school will do its best to help and encourage students with specialties to grow freely based on their strengths and goals. We live in a great era. Scientific and technological innovation has become the first driving force for social progress. Top-notch innovative talents have become the most valuable resources of society. Cultivating top-notch innovative reserve talents in basic subjects is an important responsibility of the basic education workers.