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Shining stars in the sky, innovations in China: The 34th Science and Technology Festival of NFLS was successfully held.

Shining stars in the sky, innovations in China:

The 34th Science and Technology Festival of NFLS was successfully held.

From November 23 to 27, the 34th Science and Technology Festival of Nanjing Foreign Language School was successfully held. The theme of this year's Science and Technology Festival is "stars shining in the sky and innovations in China". It aims to promote the spirit of scientists, cultivate top-notch science and technology reserve talents with scientific service for the country and innovative feelings, and create a good atmosphere for teachers and students to pay attention to, understand, learn and study cutting-edge science and technology. The teaching and research group, the grade group and the student union organized and planned carefully, and carried out 44 scientific and technological activities with rich contents and various forms.

Highlight 1: Universities and Enterprises

Our school joined hands with universities. During the Science and Technology Festival, two top "bigwigs" were invited to assist the students, one was the director of the National Astronomical Observatory and the chief scientist of the Wukong dark matter particle detection satellite, Chang Jin; the other was Professor Zhou Zhihua, the first Chinese man of "Grand Slam" fellow, an important international association related to artificial intelligence. Both professors are leaders in the field of cutting-edge science and technology. One explores the far reaches of the space universe, and the other studies the top of the intelligent universe. They gave lectures to the students of NFLS, introduced their research fields in simple terms, and encouraged them to seek truth and innovation.

Zhou Zhihua, Dean of School of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Nanjing University
Educational Robot -“Robot Master”

UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)

In addition, the University also cooperated with high-tech enterprises and invited Dajiang Company, the leader of China's UAV industry in the world, to set up the exhibition. In addition to bringing its own UAV products, Dajiang also brings its educational robot “robot master” to the campus. As soon as the class was over, the students crowded to the exhibition stand to have a look at this and feel that. "Why can a car go straight across the road?" "Why can drones change direction?" One after another, curious questions emerge one after another, and the answers are explored again and again through direct operation and close observation.

Highlight 2: All-around activities

It is the key point for the school to carry out the activities of the Science and Technology Festival to broaden the radiation of various activities. To this end, teachers of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, geography, general technology, information technology, art and other subjects cooperated with each other and carefully planned to bring scientific and technological activities suitable for participation and endless fun for students from Junior 1 to Senior 3.


From students' scientific and technological achievements and science popularization exhibition boards all over the campus, to handicraft workshops where all students can participate in the experience; from roadshows of science and technology associations to school-based activities combining classroom knowledge with extracurricular hands-on practice; and science and technology competitions with public and centralized PK on campus, such as paper airplane flight competition, science and technology knowledge "one stop to the end" in Junior 1, the DI real-time challenge of Senior I, the roller coaster design competition of Senior 2, and the experience of "online art gallery" breaking through the space barrier… The activities of the Science and Technology Festival mobilize more students' enthusiasm to participate, and many students who have previously been deterred from science and technology have renewed their understanding of themselves.

NFLS believes that every student who pursues excellence and keeps forging ahead is as bright as a star in the sky. During the Science and Technology Festival, the school also launched the activity of naming the asteroid "NFLS", which has been approved by Zijin Mountain Observatory and applied to the International Asteroid Organization, so as to stimulate the students' spirit of scientific exploration, lead more students to participate in scientific and technological innovation activities, and become a dazzling star for building a powerful country in science and technology in the future.