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4 students from Jiangsu province entered the national training team, and the NFLS students took the top 3!

4 students from Jiangsu province entered the national training team, and the NFLS students took the top 3!

On November 28th, the results of the 36th Chinese Mathematical Olympiad (CMO) were released. The students from the NFLS achieved good results. Four students from Jiangsu Province entered the national training team, and the first three were from our school!

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Selected into the national training team

From left: Zhang Lingxiang, Dai Jiangqi, Zhou Leqi

The 10th grader Dai Jiangqi, 12th grader Zhang lingxiang and 11th grader Zhou Leqi (female) won the gold medal, entered the national training team and were recommended for admission to Tsinghua and Peking Universities. One of the students was admitted by the Tsinghua Yao class in advance. The 12th grader Liu Fanghan won the gold medal, and the 11th grader Li Haocheng won the silver medal!


Gold medalist

From left: Dai Jiangqi, Zhang Lingxiang, Liu Fanghan, Zhou Leqi


Silver medalist: Li Haocheng

On the morning of November 30th, Principal Zou Zheng, Secretary Liu Qianshu, and Vice Principal Zhou Yi had a meeting with five award-winning students and coaches Huang Zhijun and Tang Zhiyi, congratulating them on their success.


Mathematics is the foundation of all sciences, and China's high-quality development is inseparable from top innovative talents in basic subjects. Principal Zou Zheng used Chinese mathematics masters Chen Xingshen, Hua Luogeng, and Qiu Chengtong as examples to encourage students to "continue to study and forge ahead on the road of mathematics, to have high aspirations with down-to-earth attitude, and to always keep the passion for mathematics."

Several students mentioned that passion and diligence are the main reasons for achieving excellent results. With their passion for mathematics they will continue to work hard and strive to achieve better results.


Congratulations to the above award-winning students, and our sincere thanks to Huang Zhijun, Tang Zhiyi, Wang Gang, Wang Yao, Fan Jianlin and other teachers for their hard work in tutoring and coaching. We wish the students uphold the spirit of the Mathematical Olympiad, work together and make another success.