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Professor Zhou Zhihua: The development and future of artificial intelligence

Professor Zhou Zhihua: The development and future of artificial intelligence

On November 25th, our school invited Zhou Zhihua, a professor of Nanjing University and dean of the School of Artificial Intelligence of Nanjing University, to give a lecture: the development and future of artificial intelligence.


Professor Zhou Zhihua first explained what artificial intelligence is, distinguishing between strong AI and weak AI. Then, starting from the birth of AI at Dartmouth Workshop, he talked about the three stages of AI development: reasoning, knowledge representation and learning; At the end, he showed students what AI can do using actual cases in real life.


After AlphaGo defeated the world Go champion, many people have concerns about whether the machine will surpass humans. There are unknowns and worries about the development of AI. Professor Zhou explained in detail about the mechanism of AlphaGo's winning, and asked the students not to treat AI as a threat, "artificial intelligence is not equal to artificially made intelligence."


Although AI has made great progress, there are still many problems, and the researchers have a long way to go. Professor Zhou pointed out that the AI development in industry really needs talents. Now is the best time to learn AI. He hopes that students will build a solid foundation, master basic subjects, and strive to contribute to the development of AI in the future.


After the lecture, Principal Zou Zheng issued a letter of appointment to Professor Zhou as a consultant for our school's "Top-notch Innovation Reserve Talent Training Center for Basic Subjects".

General Secretary Xi pointed out at the 2019 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Education that AI is an important driving force leading a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation. It is profoundly changing the way people produce, live, and learn, and promotes the era of human-machine collaboration, cross-border integration, and co-creation and sharing. It is an important mission of education to catch the development trend of global artificial intelligence, locate the breakthrough and main direction, and cultivate a large number of high-end AI talents with innovation ability and cooperative spirit.

Our school will strive to cultivate talents under a subject comprehensive environment and help students to build a solid subjects foundation, in order to cultivate top-notch innovative reserve talents in basic subjects for the country’s innovation and development.