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Principal's message in the new semester: Self-examination, self-consciousness, self-regulation Free growth (self-development)

Principal's message in the new semester:

Self-examination, self-consciousness, self-regulation

Free growth (self-development)

Dear teachers and students, good new semester!

After the summer vacation, we return to school with expectation. Like every previous school year, the NFLS family has added new members and new vitality. Here, on behalf of the school, I would like to warmly welcome the new students of Junior I, Senior 1 and international department, and congratulate you on your efforts to become excellent NFLSers! I hope you can learn knowledge, make friends and grow up freely and happily here.

In the past academic year, the students of NFLS have made outstanding achievements in various fields. Here, I would like to review and share these joys with you.


The results of the 2020 High School Entrance Examination in Nanjing were announced, and our school's 2020 Junior 3 graduates achieved excellent results. 576 students participated in the High School Entrance Examination, and the total average score of all students was 616. Zhang xuanchen of Class 6, Junior 3, ranked first with a naked score of 659. In high score section and in total average score, our school is far ahead in Nanjing.

The number of the 2020 graduates of Senior 3 in NFLS is the largest one in recent years. The graduates of Senior 3 have made us proud of the achievements: 52 students who have participated in the College Entrance Examinations have reached the capital rate of 100%, 50 of them have reached the first line, and the matching rate of optional subjects is 100% (the rate of reaching A is 89.2%). The total average score of Arts and science candidates is 387.3, with 13 students (accounting for 25% of all candidates) with a score of over 400. Li Zongtai from Class 1, Senior 3 ranked first with an excellent score of 431. Three students passed the College Entrance Examinations and were admitted by Peking University and Tsinghua University. At the same time, four excellent students from Senior 1 and Senior 2 passed the college entrance examination and were admitted to the Innovation Class of CUHK.

134 students were admitted by domestic universities through competition or language recommendation, 80 of them entered C9 Universities, 4 competition recommendation students and 25 language recommendation students were admitted by Tsinghua University and Peking University. Among them, 32 were admitted by Tsinghua University and Peking University.

There are 233 students going abroad in 2020. In 2020, the top 30 comprehensive universities in the United States will admit more than 100 our students, and the Ivies will admit 21 students of NFLS. This year, our school continues to rank top among the top high schools in China in the list of American Ivies. The three projects of the International Department have also made remarkable achievements. The students were admitted to more than 100 world-famous universities, such as Princeton, Stanford, Harvard, Chicago, Duke, Johns Hopkins, Brown, Cornell, Dartmouth, Williams, Cambridge and Oxford.

Achievements of the competitions in five subjects

In terms of the results of the competitions in five subjects, we continue to be brilliant.

In the past academic year, outstanding achievements have been made in the information science competition. In NOIP 2019, 53 Students of our school won the first prize in China, ranking first in the country.

Due to the epidemic, the national informatics winter camp was postponed and held online. Our school athletes won 6 gold, 5 silver and 5 bronze medals, ranking first in the number of gold medals and medals in China.

At the National Olympiad in Informatics, China held from August 16 to 21, our school won a total of 6 gold, 4 silver and 2 bronze medals, the number of gold medals is the first and the number of medals is also first in the country. Five students entered the 2020 Information Science National Training Team, obtained the qualifications of entering Tsinghua University or Beijing University. The number ranked first in the country.

In the 2019 National High School Math League in 2019, nine students won the national first prize, and five of them were selected into the provincial team. In the following 35th Mathematics Olympic final in 2019, Lu Suyang was selected into the national training team. Zhou Leqi won gold medals in the Chinese women's Mathematical Olympiad in 2019 and 2020.

In September 2019, seven students of the 36th National Physics Competition for Middle School Students (Jiangsu competition area) won the national first prize (the number of winners was tied for the second place in the province), and Zhao Li was selected into the provincial team with the 9th place in the province.

Three people won the first prize of the National Chemistry Olympiad in 2019.

In the 2020 National Biology League for middle school students, 59 students participated in the league, 53 of them won the provincial first and above awards, and

the number of winners was the first in the province. Among them, 6 won the national first prize (Gao Tianchen's was the third in the province), 15 won the second prize and 18 won the third prize. The number of people who won the National Award ranked first in the province.

Excellent results are inseparable from the students' persistent efforts, teachers' hard work and parents' support and cooperation. Here, I would like to express my warm congratulations and heartfelt thanks to the students who have made outstanding achievements and the teachers who have made great efforts! We also hope that every student of NFLS can take them as examples, establish lofty ideals and beliefs, be strict with self-discipline, and persevere, so as to connect each stick for the present and future of NFLS just like a relay race.

At the beginning of the new semester, I hope every child can develop and grow freely in NFLS campus, and become a better self. Here, I would like to give you a three-self standard, that is, self-consciousness, self-regulated and self-examination. 


Self-consciousness refers to self-awareness. In "Confucius Quotations at home: To thoughts" Confucius said: "I have three losses: It’s too late when I’m self-conscious", it is said that the consciousness is too late and he regrets. The important sign of self-consciousness is the awakening of self-consciousness, which can give full play to one's potential and realize one's own value to the maximum extent; consciousness can endow a country and a nation with great development vitality and promote the perfection and development of society.

Since modern times, the door of China's seclusion has been gradually knocked open by the powerful ships and guns of Western civilization. Countless people of insight began to reflect on the traditional Chinese culture and national identity. For a while, theories such as "Chinese style and Western use", "western style and Chinese use", "total Westernization" and "Confucian revival" emerged in an endless stream. Among many theories, Mr. Zhang Dainian put forward the idea of "comprehensive innovation". He believes that when an independent national culture meets another different type of culture, it should take the initiative to absorb the positive factors of foreign culture, take the essence and use the macro to make the national culture stronger; the only way forward for Chinese culture is to integrate the advantages of Chinese and Western cultures to create new culture.

"Comprehensive innovation" put forward by Mr. Zhang Dainian can be regarded as a model of national and cultural consciousness in modern China. Our school motto "Chinese soul, world mind" is in line with this point of view.

Students, I hope that you can have a broad vision and inclusive mind, go to the world, continue to learn and grow, and improve yourselves; I also hope that you can have self-consciousness, not only to achieve personal consciousness, but also to have cultural consciousness and national consciousness. No matter where you are or what you are, you should work hard for China to become more and more prosperous!

Autonomy (self-regulation) is a process of self-development and free growth. Li Zongtai, who has just finished the College Entrance Examination this year and won the highest score in Science in Nanjing, said: "many universities give the graduates of NFLS a very high evaluation, and think that the biggest characteristic of the students of NFLS is their stamina. I think the most fundamental reason is that people in the NFLS always have the desire to explore and the passion to explore the unknown as a child. It has never been suppressed and worn out in the six years of life, but has been able to grow in an open environment, after the experience of tempering, blooming more dazzling light.

It is often said that "ten years of hardship" will never happen in NFLS. In the open environment, the students of NFLS have learned to study independently and grow up freely. They no longer need to be pressed forward by a tense atmosphere. NFLS's inclusive, pluralistic and open management mode makes it impossible for NFLS children to study hard. They all enjoy learning and exploring in the vast ocean of knowledge. It is an eternal truth that learning born from love has higher efficiency. "

NFLS provides a democratic, relaxed, harmonious and upward environment for the students. It is hoped that the students can find their own characteristics and advantages without too much interference from external factors, gradually develop the ability and habit of self-discipline, and realize personal development independently. To cultivate this ability as soon as possible is to help students not be nervous and dazzled when they are faced with many choices in the future, firmly find the most suitable goal, give full play to their maximum advantages and potential, tirelessly explore and keep on moving forward.

Introspection (self-examination) is a process of self-awareness and self-reflection, which is a process of returning to zero and starting again. In a sense, this is the most difficult process to achieve. Facing oneself calmly and reflecting on oneself objectively are the essential basic skills for one to cultivate one's morality.

Confucius's student Zeng Shen once said, "I look at myself three times every day: Are you unfaithful to others? Do you make friends but don't trust them? Have you gone over what you learned? " Only by introspection, can we understand ourselves, have a correct understanding and evaluation of ourselves, know our strengths and weaknesses, so as to control our emotions, develop our strengths and avoid our weaknesses; we can reflect on ourselves in everything, and never shirk or evade our responsibilities.

The world is changing, and so is man. Introspective people seldom make mistakes because they always think: what have I done? Why did I succeed or fail? How can I improve myself? What have I changed? Only by constantly renewing our understanding of ourselves, accumulating experience and lessons, and improving our ability, can we have less ups and downs and more gains in our life.


We always adhere to and practice the education concept of "comprehensive development, free growth". Free growth is not to encourage everyone to do everything, but to create conditions for students to actively discover themselves and realize self-conscious growth; it is to let students have enough self-confidence and long-term persistence, and give full play to their strengths; it is to educate everyone not only to keep the bottom line, but also to be ambitious, to combine independent personality, strong spiritual strength with the mind of the world and the courage to take responsibility; Combining the spirit of the realization of self-value with the fate of the country, nation and human beings. 

Dear students, the new semester means a new starting point and challenge, but also means new opportunities and growth. Please cherish your youth and enjoy the happy and full campus life. Thank you!