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Military training, let us become better ourselves

Military training, let us become better ourselves

It was hot and the sun was blazing in the sky. On August 23, all the students of new Senior 1 in NFLS were on their military training trip with longing and expectation. This year's new Senior 1 military training is in the school. In just a few days of the campus military training life, they have gained a lot and felt a lot.

Principal Zou’s first lesson

At the first military training mobilization meeting, Principal Zou Zheng had a dialogue with the students in new Senior 1 for the first time.


Principal Zou put forward eight hopes to his classmates: 1. to set up a great ideal at the key turning point of life; 2. To have the attitude of returning to zero and re-play your goals; 3. to always regard learning as a happy thing; 4. Plan your time; 5. Develop good habits and improve the utilization rate of time; 6. Improve the effective communication ability; 7. Be able to act; 8. The hand is always higher than the head.


The students were inspired and ready to greet the new high school life with high morale.


Care for life and health, improve the sense of social responsibility.

The teachers of the Red Cross Society in Xuanwu District, taught the students rescue methods such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation, drowning rescue and wound dressing, and we had drills.

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The students at the scene were very serious. Some students said that if they encounter a sudden situation after learning, they hope that they can play a role in helping others and especially in the case of no doctor.

Some students said with emotion that after this study, they realized the difficulty of medical workers.


Peace is hard won. Thank you for coming forward.

“This year is a special year. Today's peace is hard won. Apart from medical staff, the most important thing to thank is the people's soldiers who guard us. Although the short-term military training can not let us personally experience the hardships of the barracks, it can make us slightly understand how much they have suffered on weekdays. And when we need them the most, they always come forward.”said Tang Mingzhong from Company 1.


I am a member of the collective. Unity and cooperation are more important.

Military training is a collective life. It may affect the collective performance because of your lack of concentration, and when the collective gains the honor, the honor belongs to you.


"This military training made me realize the importance of teamwork, and I should keep the team in order in any action. At the beginning, we kept our own rhythm, the team was very chaotic, after a period of training, the level gradually improved. This kind of practice makes me have the global consciousness, no longer immersed in my own world.”said Zhong Ruoyao from Company 5.


Xie Ling from Company 8 said, "In the hot summer, we insisted on standing together; in the green shade, we talked and laughed together; in the high voice waves, we tried our best to sing together. It’s only a few days, we are already “we”, we are united, we are not afraid of wind and rain. "


Difficulties are inevitable, persistence means victory.

In the face of difficulties, there were moments when we wanted to rest and give up. But if you bite your teeth and persist, the difficulties will pass. In the future study and life, if you want to achieve a certain goal, it is inevitable to face the difficulties, overcome the difficulties, persist and never give up, which is also the feeling of many students in the high-intensity military training.


Although military training is very hard, I feel that my legs are going to be broken, but when the day's training is over, I think that my physical fitness and willpower have improved, I feel a sense of accomplishment.

____Liu Zhixuan from Company 12

Sweat ran down my back, not my clothes. My hands wetted my pants, but I didn’t know where to dry them. My feet, shoulders and arms ached. But when I looked ahead, the sun was on the brim of the hat, so I was not afraid.

----Lin Zihan from Company 1

The military training of new Senior 1 is very different from that of the new Junior 1, and the intensity is obviously greater. Recently, the sun is very hot, the temperature is also very high, but the students all finish the hard work, adhere to maintain the military posture, and so we get full harvest in each day.

---Huang Zicheng from Company 9.


Grass is not willing to be short and grow bravely;

the Swan yearns for the sky and flies.

We could stay unmoved! We could move forward in unison, our soul exploded, we sang. When white clouds were clearly visible in the sky, this playground was ignited this summer, and a fire broke out. In the light of the fire, the soul of every teenager who had been tempered was shining!