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Making a colorful long scroll to praise the most beautiful heroes

Making a colorful long scroll to praise the most beautiful heroes

Recently, a work of art by students from Senior 1, Nanjing Foreign Language School has attracted a lot of attention. It turns out that they have worked in groups and created a collective art work in the form of long scroll with the theme of fighting the epidemic. There are different creative perspectives, some of which tell the anti-epidemic knowledge through pictures, some of which show the hard work of medical workers, and some of which specially integrate the campus landscape of NFLS into the creation.

Because it is a long scroll, the background is painted separately. Each group needs to connect the background of the three paintings continuously, which is also a challenge for the students. Although there are some difficulties in the process of painting and making, when the scroll is displayed in front of the students, it shocks them a lot.

"I've never seen such a long scroll of works completed together by many people. I think it just reflects the most important spirit of unity in this epidemic." said a student from Senior 1.

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Cao Qihai, the art teacher who arranged this assignment, says that since schools resumed, he has been thinking that the world is actively fighting the pandemic. What can students do after classes resume?

There are many students in NFLS who have special skills in art. He hopes that the students can express the story of the national people's anti-epidemic and unity through painting. Because we want everyone to participate, we specially set up the form of group + collage. Each group has an art director who is responsible for coordinating all matters within the group, including conception, drawing, coloring, collage, and how to divide the work reasonably. When all the people's power comes together, the power and spark generated by the collision of everyone's ideas are very shocking. NFLS has always been insisting on cultivating modern people with Chinese soul and world mind. As a middle school student in NFLS, paying attention to the society and the pandemic is also a required course this year.

Appreciation of some works


This picture shows three scenes from autumn 2019 to spring 2020 in NFLS, corresponding to the three stages—-before, during and after the epidemic. From the perspective of a student, it shows the theme of the epidemic gradually getting better with the efforts of the whole Chinese people, and expresses the praise to the strong motherland and all the people who strive for it.

——Class 7, Senior 1

Art Director:Tong Hua

Team members: Tao Ruichen, Wang Yixin, Xin Yuxi, Sun Yuhan, Xu Beining


Like other groups, our group used the form of background + collage characters when creating the long scroll. However, compared with other groups, our background has a real story line, from the night of the city to the beautiful scenery of spring, showing the end of night and the beginning of spring. In the background, we have added doctors fighting in the front line of the anti-epidemic. They have hold up the sky for us with selfless. They have struggled and deserved our gratitude.

In the process of creation, we also use a variety of tools, such as gouache, markers, color lead pencils and even brushes, to help us express our ideas well. We hope to express our condolences to the dead, thanks to the first-line doctors, and hope for the early end of the pandemic in the form of long scroll. If you stay in the forest and flowers are like brocade, you are all flower watchers when you go out.

——Class 5, Senior1

Art director: Yuan Rong

Team members: Zhou Lingyuan, Zhao Yufan, Zhu Ruijie, Yu Zixuan

Special team member: Sun Feiyang


During the epidemic, in addition to the medical workers who fought day and night, we should not forget the people's Liberation Army, who were silent in the front line of the anti-epidemic, who were not afraid of the danger of the epidemic. They are also the most beautiful people who put themselves in harm’s way. We take this opportunity to draw stories about the PLA and express our gratitude and admiration for them.

——Class 5, Senior 1

Art Director: Chen Lulu

Team members: Chen Jianghui, Chen Siyuan, Li Xing, He Xu


It's a great honor for me to participate in this anti-epidemic long scroll drawing activity and serve as the art director of this group. I also actively conceived after receiving the task. At the end of April, all the heroes who helped fight against the epidemic in Hubei Province had left in batches. I felt a lot when I saw the video about the heroes coming back. Our team worked together to reproduce the feeling and pride of that time. During the May Day holiday, we used markers, gouache, color lead pencils and other painting tools to draw the background and characters, and then put them together after going back to school.

There are buses with banners on them, medical workers walking down from them, the traffic police escorting them, and many people coming to meet them. The background is a cherry forest. Both Wuhan and Nanjing Jiming temple are famous for cherry blossom. When you return, spring flowers bloom. Salute the most beautiful people who put themselves in harm’s way with the highest respect.

——Class 3, Senior 1

Art Director: Liu Yifei

Team members: Ji Jiaying, Sun Feiyang, Da Mingna, He Jiaying, Jiang Yimeng, Zhang Qingqiao


At the beginning of the design, we decided to determine the color of the background first. Because of the difficulty of coloring the characters, a darker background color and a higher saturation would be better, so we chose the gradual change of blue. That was, the blue sky as the main background, and the painting principle of clouds adopted the oil painting style to add the three-dimensional feeling. We chose to add the cherry blossom of Wuhan to the background, and also used the oil painting method to draw on both sides of the long scroll, and drew a row of silhouettes of Nanjing buildings with black marker strokes on a slightly flat blue background, expressing the blessings of Nanjing people to Wuhan.

In the selection of characters, we decided to focus on reflecting the beautiful things, depicting the epidemic ends, and the elderly, students, mothers and children are not nervous any longer, and they are leisurely walking under the blue sky and white clouds, and also depicting the busy figures of medical workers, reminding us not to forget, learn to be grateful.

——Class 3, Senior 1

Art Director: Shi Yueran

Team members: Lu Xinran, Lv Jiawen, Ou Jiaqi, Peng Xinrui, Sun Xinning