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You Guard the World, We Protect the Children

You Guard the World, We Protect the Children

This winter break was destined to be extraordinary. A new coronary pneumonia outbreak affected the hearts of countless people.

During the outbreak, under the government's overall arrangement, many medical workers resolutely rushed to the front line and became "heroes in harm's way". However, when they were guarding the society, who would protect their families?

A banner from the front-line medical staff who went to the aid of Hubei


Ha Ruihan, the 8th grader of our school, his parents are both medical workers. After the Spring Festival, as the convid-19 outbreak became more and more serious, Ruihan's father resolutely signed up for the Jiangsu Medical Team to the aid of Huangshi. Right after the Chinese New Year, he left for the front line to fight the outbreak; at the same time, Ruihan's mother who works in Nanjing Hospital also is on the front line to fight the outbreak. All of a sudden, the "heroes in harm's way" had no time to attend to the matter of their children's learning.

For them, their children at home were their biggest concern. In order to allow the medical staff who worked on the front line not to worry and be able to focus on their work, our school actively participated in the voluntary activities to help the children of the “heroes in harm's way” in Nanjing with their studies. Ruihan's classroom teacher and other subject teachers helped him with love and care in all aspects, like mental health, study and daily life.

Our school teachers strictly followed the individualized policy. They actively checked Ruihan's study status during the winter break, and made a customized learning plan for him. During the outbreak when people could not go out, teachers regularly checked the student' study using our school's "Borderless Classroom" through WeChat, QQ, etc..  They've paid close attention to the student' study, daily life and mental health. The subject teachers had taken time to have one-on-one meeting with the student online to answer his questions/help with his study. During the month when the parents were not around, Ruihan's did not miss any homework at all.  The student and his family became the comforting rear area for the "heroes in harm's way" in the war without smoke.

At the beginning of April, the convid-19 situation in our country eased, and the 8th grade started.

The parents of Ha Ruihan, who successfully completed the task of assisting Hubei, were very moved when they returned to Nanjing to learn about their child’s study and living in the past month. They specifically made a banner and wrote a thank-you letter to give to the 8th grade teachers.


You Guard the World; We Protect the Children.

The plan to care for the children from the medical staff who fought on the front line against Convid-19 gave full play to the educator's role. Although they can't go to the front line, they are using another way to carry forward the spirit of volunteers and relieve the worries of the "heroes" on the front line. So the "heroes" can devote with more energy to anti-outbreak work on the front line.