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Spring 2020 returns to the campus, Principal Zou Zheng: The beautiful campus is waiting for us.

Spring 2020 returns to the campus,

Principal Zou Zheng: The beautiful campus is waiting for us.

Dear students of NFLS, I haven't seen you for a long time. You know what? During your stay at home, our campus has been full of spring. The spring wind blows the willow. The earth sends out the fragrance. The Magnolia opens as scheduled. The early cherry blossoms……Every tree, every flower, every plant, gently awaken the campus.

Zou Zheng, principal of NFLS sent a message to the alumni, teachers and students, "alumni of NFLS at home and abroad, let's work together to welcome the day when we defeat the epidemic. The beautiful campus in spring is waiting for us."


Little by little,changes show love and protection

During this period, some changes have taken place on campus. You may not have seen that the infrared thermometer has been installed at the school gate; you may not have seen that every classroom has been carefully disinfected; you may not have seen that our teachers and property management personnel have carried out the school's epidemic prevention drill over and over again. Kids, the school has always been guarding you.


At present, the epidemic situation outside China continues to escalate. Our alumni who are overseas are always connected to NFLS. Even though they are separated by thousands of rivers and mountains, the hearts of NFLSers are always connected. You must protect yourself. If you have any difficulty, remember that your alumni are ready to give you a hand. "Let's work together to welcome the day when we defeat the coronavirus, and the beautiful campus is waiting for us," principal Zou Zheng told the alumni at home and abroad.


Cai Qiang, a Japanese teacher at NFLS, an alumnus of NFLS, said: "when the domestic epidemic is severe, the students studying abroad are very concerned about the domestic situation. Many of them are my classmates and some of them are my students. Now the overseas epidemic is developing rapidly. I hope you can protect yourself and actively cooperate with the epidemic prevention work. With mutual support, we can surely overcome the difficulties together. If necessary, welcome home, the motherland will always be our strong backing. "

You are my most concerned and proud child


NFLSers, you are my most concerned and proud children, whether you cooperate with or participate in epidemic prevention.
Over the past 50 years, South Africa has trained more than 10000 outstanding graduates, including a large number of senior foreign language diplomats who are rooted in the national diplomatic front, represented by more than 20 ambassadors and two foreign ministry speakers, who are active in international organizations such as the United Nations and the World Trade Organization, and who are striving for the success in the fields of natural science, social science, linguistics, literature and art Leading talents. There are also outstanding alumni all over the world, serving all walks of life, with ideals and dedication.


"Chinese soul, world mind" is the common background of every NFLSer. In the fight against the coronavirus, the alumni from the NFLS are active. During the coronavirus outbreak, the alumni at home and abroad spontaneously recorded videos to cheer for the motherland, Wuhan and South China; they also donated materials urgently needed in the epidemic area through their respective schools and organizations.


The students in school are not inferior. Wang Shiyue, a student in senior 2, talked with Shen Hongbing, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, about the scientific spirit behind the epidemic. The students from the calligraphy club and the hand painting club expressed their love with each other and saluted to the heroes to fight against the coronavirus with their works of Art. Hundreds of teachers and students cooperated online with each other to sing the song "God bless China". The students who love sports took active part in the activities entitled "Campus football relay to cheer for Wuhan”; there are many students at home with the reasonable arrangement of their study and life, good online classes, adhere to labor, self-planning, self-cultivation.


Today’s separation is for a better reunion tomorrow. Keep in mind, in winter, we agreed to wait for spring. Believe that you will become more mature, more rational, more brave, more determined. I'm glad that through online and offline feedback, you are all trying to be better yourself.


Now the wind is warm and the flowers are blooming. Maybe we have to wait. Don't be afraid to wait. It may be a test. Look up at the spring of the campus, see the campus you miss, keep confidence and hope, we work together to overcome difficulties, we work together to welcome the spring.

Special holiday, special harvest

Turn epidemic situation and disaster into teaching materials, cultivate students' feelings of home and country.


During the coronavirus outbreak, Nanjing Foreign Language School actively develops "Classes suspended, Learning continues" teaching methods on the basis of "physical and mental health" in the "very holiday". It organizes all students to conduct extensive learning, and persists in combining curriculum learning with epidemic prevention and control knowledge learning, combining physical and mental health education with ideals and beliefs education, and turning the epidemic situation and disaster into teaching materials, to cultivate students' independent learning ability, guide students to establish a correct outlook on life and values, and grow together with the motherland.

At this moment, dear teachers and students of NFLS, what do you want to say to your alumni? Welcome to leave a message in the comment section.