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Miss you so much my NFLS

Miss you so much my NFLS

In March

There is the smell of spring

The smell of sunshine

And the smell of missing

Miss those days we were together

Miss those who accompanied

Miss those who were intimate

Miss those pictures of the past


The pictures are telling:


I miss you so much. The campus was more vigorous and fresh in the sun

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Last year, when the spring hit, my friend and I were attracted and surprised by the branch of flowers in the corridor on the first floor. Now it's still amazing to look at the flowers. The branch of the flowers was lying on the side, fragrant and hazy. What extended was the spring spirit, and the vitality!
I remember that day we saw the flowers after listening to a lecture. It is still clear to remember that in the lecture, "Hua" means "flowers" and "Xia" means "eternal life". The phrase "Huaxia" means “as beautiful as spring flowers”

May the spring of March bring peace and joy to our Chinese nation and keep blooming like flowers. At that time, let's get together again to enjoy flowers in our favorite NFLS!

——Pan Yi, class 8, Senior 2

I miss you so much. The ginkgo trees, and the Magnolia trees which are blooming outside the classroom window

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The Magnolia flowers Last March. The classroom was in the best position. When the curtain was opened, we could see such a beautiful scene.

——Zhang Weijia, Class 3, Senior 3


From winter to spring, the ginkgo trees and the teaching buildings are waiting for us to return.

——Lin Fangyi

I miss you so much. I love the green field (or football pitch) and the whole sky

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On December 22, 2019, the last football training of the year was held at Galaxy Warship Football Club, the playground in NFLS. My friends were running, flying and sweating. At present, the Covid-19 has stopped the friends of the club getting together, but we can't help missing each other. Miss you so much, my friends playing football together! Miss you so much, the playground of NFLS that brings us joy!

——Fan Xiang, Class 10, Junior 1

Miss you so much, the dazzling lights of the New Year Party, those days we were busy and growing up on and off the stage in all those important festivals

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This picture was taken with my classmates at the 57th Track and Field School Games last year. Usually, I never thought it was so precious to play and compete with my classmates! Miss the beautiful campus, miss the teachers, miss the clean and tidy classrooms, miss the morning reading, miss the books with ink smell, miss the students who were playing together freely after class. Looking forward to the early end of the epidemic. Wuhan will win! China will win!

——Liu Chenfei, class 8, Junior 2

I miss you so much, my friends who I walk with you and laugh with you

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I miss you so much, my teachers who are knowledgeable, witty and approachable

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The feeling of meeting and knowing each other can never be separated from the rich and colorful life, and the at-home lazy days can't stop us from waiting for the date of meeting again: "NFLS, I miss you so much!"