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To You Who March Forward Bravely and Firmly

To You Who March Forward Bravely and Firmly

Facing the sudden outbreak of the coronavirus, Nanjing Foreign Language School has deeply understood the core requirement of "Classes suspended, teaching and learning continue". Based on students' physical and mental health, the teaching method of "Classes suspended but learning continues" is actively developed. All students are organized to carry out extensive learning. Combining ideal and belief education, we turn epidemic situation and disaster into teaching materials, cultivate students' independent learning ability, guide students to establish correct outlook on life and values, and grow up with the motherland.
During the epidemic period, the school specially strengthened the education and teaching work of Junior 3 and Senior 3 as the graduation grades. According to the actual situation of the graduation grades, the school planned and formulated the online teaching plan as early as possible and carefully organized the teaching implementation. With the help of the online platform, the school established a two-way communication channel of teaching and guidance between teachers and students, so as to achieve the three goals of "ideological education, physical and mental health, examination preparation and review" in the graduation grades".

Message from Prinsipal Zou Zheng


All the NFLSers should be able to keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground. Our graduates should not only have the present High School Entrance Examinations and College Entrance Examinations in mind, but also have social responsibility, family and country feelings and the cause of human peace.

I sincerely hope that all the graduating students can make great efforts to realize their dreams! I sincerely wish all your dreams come true!

Message from the group leader of Senior 3


It's more urgent to row a boat in the midstream. If one pole slackens off against the current, the boat will retreat thousands of feet. Hard work is the most beautiful picture, let's get closer to our dreams every day.

Message from the group leader of Junior 3


The sudden epidemic is bound to leave a mark of youth that will be unforgettable for a lifetime: learning to fight with determination and compete with self; being used to accepting love, but also understanding how to offer love bravely when others need it. Epidemic situation, life class, I wish you to write the youth chapter with courage and perseverance.

Each grade is encouraging and cheering the students who are learning online in its own way. In this video of Junior 3, we show the teachers' message, students' learning, thinking and mutual encouragement.

Let's wait for the wind and rain to pass through

Wait for flowers to bloom

Wait for our dreams to come true

Let's plant our wishes during the fight

Strive to make the future bright

Learn to give for love

Strive to change for dreams

We are always by your side