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As the youngest member of the Chinese youth delegation, the student of Nanjing Foreign Language School participated in the UN Climate Change Conference

As the youngest member of the Chinese youth delegation, the student of Nanjing Foreign Language School participated in the UN Climate Change Conference


From December 2 to December 7, 2019, as the youngest member of the Chinese youth delegation, Li Ying, from Class 3, Senior 1 of our school, went to Madrid, Spain, to participate in the 25th UN Climate Change Conference ("Conference of the Parties" shortened as "COP25").

This is the second time that Li Ying has participated in the conference sponsored by the United Nations. In September 2017, as the youngest member of the Chinese youth delegation, she went to New York, the United States, to participate in the 72nd United Nations General Assembly.

Attend the meeting and learn

The theme of this conference was "Time for Action", and it also referred to climate change as climate emergency, so as to reflect the urgency of climate action.


Photo taken on December 5, Li Ying's participation in the Young and Future Generations Day ---International Inquiry meeting. The UN Secretary General, Youth Envoy and President of COP25 had a dialogue with young people from around the world.

Each participant was given a free transport card to encourage more use of public transport during their stay in Spain, so as to reduce carbon emissions. In all the subway stations in Spain, large posters related to climate change were also publicized, which attracted the attention of passers-by.

The climate action of the conference was also reflected in many small details, such as giving everyone glasses and wooden tableware, and reducing the use of disposable paper cups and tableware.


Li Ying's group photo with the guests after attending the venue meeting

Cop25 was an extremely large conference, under which there were many types of activities, the venue was very large, divided into Blue Zone and Green Zone.

In Blue Zone, there were official large-scale meetings of the United Nations and consultation meetings of representatives of various countries, medium-sized side meetings on different themes of climate change, small open meetings on climate action, working meetings, small exhibitions of some NGOs, NPOs and companies, etc.


Li Ying at the entrance of China National Stadium

In Green Zone, there were more exhibitions on other aspects, such as clothing related to climate, architectural design, painting and VR technology.



Li Ying and Princess Burkina Faso after communication

During the meeting, Li Ying actively had in-depth exchanges with youth representatives from other countries, including Oman, Dominica, Indonesia, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Morocco, and learned about their climate action and the efforts of their governments and relevant organizations for climate change.



Li Ying was invited to share her experiences in different classes after returning home

After returning home, Li Ying shared her experience of attending the meeting with her classmates

The term climate change has been well known, but there are many related words, such as carbon trading, national independent contribution to emission reduction, which are very strange to the public. Li Ying believes that it is necessary for the public to know some popular science about climate change, especially for young people, who will play a huge role in climate change.

Why do young people play a huge role in climate change?

Firstly, because young people are more flexible in their thinking, easy to keep up with the pace of the times, and have a better understanding of the importance of climate change.

Secondly, the communication effects of climate action among young people are sustainable. Take middle school students as an example. Middle school students are at a stage of choice in their lives. If they receive the ideological education of climate action at this stage, they can be green lawyers, green doctors and green teachers even if they do not become talents in the environment. Undoubtedly, this is a great improvement for the environment.

Thirdly, youth have great creativity and can play a huge role in science and technology of climate action.

Therefore, young people are more likely to realize their responsibilities and missions in the field of climate change, and are willing to learn more about it, act spontaneously and promote it to people around them.

What are the climate actions in life?

Li Ying introduced four points: more use of Public Transport; bring your own cloth bag or basket when shopping; refuse to use disposable tableware; and do a good job in garbage classification.

Li Ying said frankly that she knows that these simple climate actions are well known in everyone's mind, and they are all platitudes. But every time you have two choices in front of you, most people choose convenience rather than environmental protection. From the perspective of human nature, such a choice is not difficult to understand. Therefore, only when the words "climate emergency" are really popular, people will have such internal drive to implement one by one climate action. That's why the importance and urgency of climate change are still being stressed at COP25.

She suggested that the next time you hear someone emphasizing the importance and urgency of environmental protection, don't roll your eyes and think it nonsense, but realize that it's just a call and cry from people who really care about the environment.

As far as Li Ying is concerned, she is already a little sensitive to climate change. When she meets something new, the first question that pops up in her mind is "is it green?"

For example, when she flew back to China, she was given a paper menu, one for each person on the plane. Li's first reaction was to feel like "is this recycled? " After asking the stewardess what she thought, she got the reply: "The menu will not be recycled specially, and the menu will be changed every three months."

How many flights can an airline have in three months, and how many people will use this disposable paper menu, that is to say, how much paper will be wasted that is unnecessary? There is no doubt that the number is huge.

Li Ying felt that everyone had a small screen in front of them and could share the menu on the screen. However, some planes without screens could recycle the menu and could still achieve the same quality of service.


Li Ying at the SDG (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals) venue

Climate Action

Li Ying is going to spread the concept of climate emergency from grade to school, parents, Nanjing and even the whole country from a small scale through educational short films and youth groups, so as to improve everyone's awareness of environmental protection, encourage everyone to translate the familiar knowledge into practical actions, and from a scientific point of view, make climate change more popular. We should pay more attention to nature and solutions, and continue to find more constructive ways of climate education, so that Chinese youth can play a more important role on the international climate stage!

Looking forward to more young people joining her climate action!