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Folding doves with paper, making artworks with leaves--About a hundred students from Nanjing Foreign Language School made a wish for peace

Folding doves with paper, making artworks with leaves--About a hundred students from Nanjing Foreign Language School made a wish for peace

Nanjing is China's first International City for Peace. Only after suffering can we know more about the value of peace. The Sixth National Public Memorial Day is coming. On December 6, 103 students from Nanjing Foreign Language School gathered to fold doves and make a wish for peace.


Not long ago, the Modern Express, the International Association of Cities for Peace and more than 200 International Cities for Peace, the Nanjing Massacre History and International Peace Institute, and the UNESCO and Chair of Peace Studies at Nanjing University co-sponsored a series of events themed as "Tongji, Sacrifices to the Wish for Peace ". The first campus event was at the Nanjing Foreign Language School.

About a hundred students folded doves of peace and made a wish for peace

"When those experiences have been told by those people in their 90s, it makes people feel that history has never gone far, and they cherish peace so much. "In the classroom, the reporters from the Modern Express introduced the current situation of Nanjing Massacre survivors to the students and broadcast the interview video in combination with his own interview experience. In the video, eight survivors repeatedly said, "We want peace for generations. "


Their yearning and cherishing for peace moved all the students present. Between fingers, a piece of white paper became a dove of peace. Students had written messages of peace on the doves.


"Peace, you are a bridge between different races and different national boundaries. You come here slowly, but I don't want to let you go. "Shen Mingyu from Class 3, Junior 1 wrote down his hope for peace in poetic language. Ye Ziqing, his classmate, said, "Without a peaceful world, how can we smile happily?"


"To have peace is to embrace happiness. "The voice of peace is endless! "”I hope the blue sky will never catch the fog of war.” White doves carrying the wish for peace were made by skillful hands and put into put into the device for “Tongji, Sacrifices to the Wish for Peace ".

The artworks made with leaves of Chinese Parasol Tree, carrying the wish for peace 

Chinese Parasol trees witnessed the history of Nanjing and carried the memory of Nanjing people.


Pick up a leaf of Chinese Parasol Tree and make a wish for peace.


In class, students take out the prepared leaves of Chinese Parasol trees and use white paper, colored pens, tape and other tools, the groups created 20 peace-themed artworks. "We made a sword out of leaves and drew a forbidden sign on it with a red pen to represent the opposition to the war, and a shield next to it with the words 'world peace' to represent the maintenance of peace, " Li Yuze, from Class 7, Junior 2, told reporters, the painting of his group is meant to be a symbol of a wish -- a wish that the world will always be at peace.


Wang Yanbo's group, from Class 3, Junior 1 put some Chinese Parasol leaves together into a "smiling face". On each leaf, there was a message of peace written by the group members.

"CZWJZ are the initials of the names of all the members of our group. I wrote them on paper, indicating that this is our common work and wish. "Said Wang.


It's a long way to go for these millennials to spread history and peace around the world

"I hope there will be a day when there will be no more tears and resentments, no more bloodshed and separation, and there will be a beautiful common home. "On the dove just folded, Han, a boy from Class 7, Junior 2, solemnly wrote this passage. Tong Zihan is a native of Nanjing. He was familiar with this period of history since he was a child, and remembering it did not make him immersed in hatred. "The annual National Public Memorial Day is not for us to remember hatred, but for us to remember history and cherish peace. War brings pain and peace brings happiness."


As for Tao Shengjie, from Class 3, Junior 1, the initial understanding of the Anti -Japanese War originated from the primary school textbook, "there is a text called the July 7th incident". At that time, the Chinese teacher always said that he hoped that we could protect peace. "When watching the video of Nanjing Massacre survivors praying for peace, Tao was very attentive and solemn. "They have always stressed that they hope for peace from generation to generation, which impressed me a lot. "

"History is the best textbook. The school's associations, the History Teaching and Research Group, Youth League committees and Student Office organize students to carry out relevant activities and hold a memorial ceremony in Jiangdongmen Memorial Hall. "Yin Herong, director of the Student Affairs Department, told reporters. Lu Yan, Secretary of the Committee for Discipline Inspection, said that he hoped that after graduation, the students would spread this history and the concept of peace to all parts of the world and become a modern person with Chinese soul and the world mind.