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  • Young Pioneers Met in the Chinese Dream

    On the afternoon of May 30th, all the teachers and students of Nanjing Foreign Language School held the "Young Pioneers Met in the Chinese Dream", the International Children's Day celebration in the lecture hall.


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  • NFLS Teachers in Wanzhou for the Communication Event

    Led by Vice Principal Zhou Yi, a team of 8 people went to Nanjing High School, a school supported by NFLS in Wanzhou District of Chongqing, to participate in the education and teaching event called “focus on class, led by experts and guided by knowledge”.


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  • Math Master Qiu Chengtong Visited NFLS to Share the Secrets of Learning

    On May 24th, the world famous mathematics master, Harvard University tenured professor Qiu Chengtong visited NFLS. Mr. Qiu is the first Chinese mathematician who won the Fields Award, which is considered "Nobel Prize in Mathematics", and he is also the second Chinese mathematician to receive another important honor in mathematics, Wolfe Award, after Mr. Chen Xingshen. In many fields, such as differential geometry, topology and so on, he has made remarkable achievements.


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  • Junior 3 Graduation Ceremony

    All teachers and students of NFLS Junior Grade 3 gathered in the report hall of the main campus for the Graduation Ceremony on the afternoon of May 16th.


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  • Data is the Key to Technology Advance!

    This Monday afternoon, senior freshmen and sophomores gathered in the lecture hall to listen to the lecture "Data and Cognition" by Professor Wang Xiqin, vice president of Tsinghua University and director of the Chinese Electronic Society. "big data" and other technical words are not unfamiliar to the students, but after listening to Professor Wang's explanation and demonstration,which were delivered in simple words, everyone has a better understanding of the data itself and the method of processing the data.


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