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Star of Nanjing Foreign Language School - Outstanding Alumni
 “Nanwai men” active on the international stage
Nanjing Foreign Language School has cultivated a large number of diplomats and elites at all walks of life over the past 50 years and its students have made a figure in the world’s top universities for recent 10 years.
Nanjing Foreign Language School, as one of the national first foreign language schools, was founded 50 years ago under the direct concern of Zhou Enlai, Deng Xiaoping, Chen Yi and other state leaders, shouldering the mission of “cultivating talents for foreign affairs with strong foreign language ability”. Under constant changes over the past 50 years, Nanjing Foreign Language School has stood at the front of the times and its talents come out in succession. It becomes a cradle of cultivating international high-end talents under the school-running concept of “cultivating modern people with soul of China and global horizon”. 
Nanjing Foreign Language School is about to celebrate its 50th anniversary on October 2, 2015. On the occasion of looking back on the past looking forward to the future, the reporter of Yangzi Evening News comes to the school to explore the “Nanwai mark” behind the unique characters of “Nanwai men” active on the international stage.
Wang Jing, reporter of Yangzi Evening News (September 29, 2013)
Nanwai men in the world’s top universities
The graduates of Nanjing Foreign Language School have extended over the first-class universities for the recent 10 years.
 Students of Nanjing Foreign Language School are favored by domestic and foreign top universities by virtue of the distinct characteristics of “foreign language specialty, science advantage and humanistic feelings”. Among them, there are “gold prince” of world Olympic, paper-cut girl that shows the Chinese characteristics with a scissor, medical talent that is solving the world difficult problems, newer that is reading doctor, but is known in the science field, “special” girl that takes Yuan Longping as a model and is devoted to solving the world food problem and young talent that has won “Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers” of the White House...
According to the incomplete statistics, more and more students of Nanjing Foreign Language School enter top universities, in which for the domestic higher education institutions, there are 143 students in Peking University, 120 students in Tsinghua University, 346 students in Beijing Foreign Studies University, 35 students in China Foreign Affairs University, 343 students in Nanjing University, 184 students in Southeast University, 188 students in Zhejiang University, 155 students in Shanghai International Studies University, 95 students in Fudan University, 20 students in Shanghai Jiaotong University, 52 students in Wuhan University and 21 students in University of International Business and Economics; for foreign famous universities, there are over 20 students in Harvard University, over 10 students in Yale University, over 10 students in Massachusetts Institute of Technology, about 10 students in Princeton University, over 10 students in Cornell University, over 10 students in Cambridge University, about 10 students in Oxford University and about 100 students in University of Toronto. The figures of Nanwai men extend over the world first-class universities. However, they make a figure in these top universities by virtue of their unique “Nanwai spirit” and are highly praised by president and professors.

Alma mater love of Nanwai students

Diplomatic and Political Talents
 The diplomacy of New China broke the ice in 1963 and then a large number of foreign language talents were needed. Shouldering the mission of “cultivating diplomatic and political talents with strong foreign language ability’, Nanjing Foreign Language School took a road of pursuing excellence. Under the trials and hardships over the past 50 years, one hundred of ambassadors and a large number of elites for foreign affairs stand out, showing the constant characteristics of the People’s Republic of China on the changing international stage. According to the incomplete statistics, there are 16 ambassadors including Li Jinjun, Zhu Bangzao, Zhong Jianhua, Zhang Yun and Lu Shaye as well as more than 30 counselors among the schoolfellows of Nanjing Foreign Language School.
Representative figures
Li Jinjun, Deputy Secretary of the International Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China:
Nanjing Foreign Language School teaches me “how to conduct myself”
I studied in Nanjing Foreign Language School in 1964, which was the second year after the establishment of the school. I spent my juvenile years of about eight and half years in Nanjing Foreign Language School, which must be the longest compared with others.
Nanjing Foreign Language School left me a lot of things. It is said that the school should teach students how to learn the professional knowledge and how to do things. In addition to the two points, Nanjing Foreign Language School teaches me how to conduct myself. We often say that one must learn to behave himself before learning to do things. The biggest feature of Nanjing Foreign Language School is that it does not only teach students to master the necessary professional knowledge, but also teach them how to do things and do things well. What’s more important, the president and teachers teach every student how to be a man, a useful man when they enter the school.
Sheng Jie, Major General of the Chinese People's Liberation Army:
Juveniles of Nanjing Foreign Language School should “serve people worldwide”.
I have been stationed in the Great Northwest for many years, which is closely related to the patriotism and sense of responsibility of “serving people worldwide” cultivated during study in Nanjing Foreign Language School. I have a strong interest in physics, for which the study in Nanjing Foreign Language School lays a good foundation. At that time, My physics teacher Zhou Datong asked us to independently assemble a crystal radio, which greatly aroused my interests. I actively collected diode, triode and other materials and then conducted assembly experiment independently. I was always curious about and had desires to explore the physics at the studenthood due to this learning style of emphasizing operational ability.
I chose National University of Defense Technology and worked at the place where the state needed. There were 9 college students, but others left for various reasons, except me, who had stayed here for several decades. In a class reunion, my head teacher asked me: “how can you stay here for such a long time? If so, you child cannot enter Nanjing Foreign Language University.” I said with a smile: “You have told us that juveniles of Nanjing Foreign Language School should be responsible Chinese, so I contribute my youth, my life and also my descendants to the state.”
Finally, I’d like to use the following sentence as our mutual encouragement: do small things well and endure the loneliness.
Sun Ning, Interpreter of Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
I learn independent study in Nanjing Foreign Language School.
Nanjing Foreign Language School is a school with characters. The school motto of “practical, progressive, knowledgeable, modest” moulds the characters of each Nanwai men. I cannot do this completely, but I’m yearning for and striving for it. The cultural deposit of ancient capital for six dynasties makes it have unique characters. “The willow of Taicheng makes the tranquil campus green and the water of Xuanwu Lake brightens the intelligent eyes.” The campus in the memory is just like the scene in the school song: maidenhair trees of Xiaoyuan, grape vines of corridor and concrete table outside the playground, which have my happy memory of youth. 
Nanjing Foreign Language School has teachers that love and tolerate students most. The president that has modified my translation affects my choice of career; the Chinese teacher that reads Du Shu in the classroom enlightens our mind unconsciously; the mathematics teacher that emphasizes that the basic exercise is more important than the “Soviet” teaches not only test-taking skills, but also a kind of values...every student of Nanjing Foreign Language School can give many examples.
Graduated from Nanjing Foreign Language School for more than ten years, the most important influence on me is that it makes me have independent learning and thinking ability and its teachers encourage us to form our own judgment and opinion. I have benefited a lot from the habits of independent thinking when I need to quickly absorb and master knowledge independently in the future work, life and study.
Compound Talents
Singing the song of story of spring, China carries out reform and opening up. With information reform, strategy of developing the country by relying on science and education, market economy and finance war, the old but young China calls for talents with intercultural communication ability. With the mission of “cultivating compound talents familiar with arts and science with foreign language specialty”, Nanjing Foreign Language School seeks innovation and works as an education mainstay. A large number of professors, doctoral advisers and lectures stand at the front of developing the country by relying on science and education from No. 30 Beijing East Road; economic executives and financial experts emerge successively and start the economic battle; the scientific and technological newer and cultural elites are active on the world high-end forums.
Representative Figures
Tan Yue, Chairman of China Press and Publication Group:
The source of dream of life is in Nanjing Foreign Language School.
Graduated from Nanjing Foreign Language School for many years, I think of it sometimes. It mainly gives me three things: first, knowledge. At that time, knowledge was poor, but it had a big team of teachers and good style of study, so we were lucky to learn many knowledge; second, at that time, it paid more attention to the comprehensive quality, which forged our personality; third, the most important was that our dream of life was laid at the school. The days at the school germinated and enlightened our dream and now our source of dream is still at the school.
In addition to stress study, the school does the sports activities well, which has left a deep impression on me. The school gives me a strong body. At that time, we attended winter swimming and long-distance race in the coldest days of winter and practiced march under the sun in summer. The Alma mater brings a precious wealth to me.
International Talents
“If the juveniles are wise, strong and mighty in the world, the state will be wise, strong and mighty in the world.” The earth becomes smaller and smaller due to the network, but the vision of Nanjing Foreign Language School is broader. Adhering to the school-running concept of “cultivating modern people with soul of China and global horizon”, to accumulate power in the future, many juveniles of Nanjing Foreign Language School enters Tsinghua University, Peking University, Harvard University, Yale University and world first-class scientific research institutions...they are the backbone forces of the world in the future.
Representative Figure
Chen Ying, Baker Scholar of Harvard Business School:
There is no uniform “good/bad” standard in Nanjing Foreign Language University
Nanjing Foreign Language School is a place where the questions can be asked freely due to its all-inclusive environment. Many problems that are important to my life have sprouted in my heart when I studied in Nanjing Foreign Language School. 
I remembered that when I ran for president of student union in Senior Two, my father queried the “miscellaneous affairs” that may affect the study: we had to publicize our programme, summarize the catchy election slogan, unify others, exchange resources, give a speech in each class and rake our brains for the election fund. I once was evicted from the classroom by tormented teammates during speech at the break time and welcomed on the next day. Nanjing Foreign Language School always pays attention to the practice because it is most impressive to solve problems in practice. In an encouraged and supported environment, one can be inspired to grow up facing the complex challenges. My inspiration of team, organization, leadership, communication, negotiation and trust actually sprouts from the experience of running for and leading the student union at the age of 17.
There is no uniform “good/bad’ standard in Nanjing Foreign Language School and no one can get more resources and concerns due to the performance or position. Under the diversified values, the class is like a society - we realize that “good performance is not the whole of the world not until we enter the society” and every one has its highlights. This atmosphere is a blow to self-centered young souls, including me.
Graduated from Harvard University, I chose to start a business in the rural areas and county town of China. According to the mainstream standard, I assumed huge economic and vocational risks, including spiritual pressure. If I could not fairly treat and appreciate those different from me, I would not be confident, insist on my non-mainstream road and be devoted to do things. This is what Nanjing Foreign Language School gives me.
Xu Jiru, Image Ambassador of Nanjing Bid for Youth Olympic Games
Teachers of Nanjing Foreign Language teach us respect.
I still believe that every teacher of Nanjing Foreign Language School do a good job in teaching us “respect”.
It respects the unique personality of students, sharp thinking of students, small efforts of students and even occasional impulsive and juvenile behaviors of students. Behind the respect, it is the teacher’s dignity as well as the thanks that he who teaches me for one day is my father for life and the warmth that “peaches and plums do not have to talk, but the world beats a path to them”. The talents, morality and cause of teachers make me feel that they have the ability of changing the world, but they are content to stay behind the scene and give the opportunity to their students. Before the recommendation exam, they modified my composition over and over, found the running comment for me, gave me psychological counseling by long talk and repeatedly said, “Girl, you are Ok”... In addition to my family, I think no one will be so sincere to me without asking for anything like teachers.
During Nanjing Foreign Language School, I was selected as the image ambassador of Nanjing Bid for Youth Olympic Games in 2014 and then participated in the process of bidding for Youth Olympic Games together with delegation in Vancouver, which greatly exercised my ability.
In the School of Law of Tsinghua University, I still kept the edification of the teachers of Nanjing Foreign Language School in mind. I learned the law well on the basis of primary undertaking; on the other hand, I gave play to my bilingual advantages and attended various activities with foreign language as the tool to increase my knowledge and broaden my horizon. In the sophomore year, I, as the champion of APEC Voices of the Future in China, attended the 19th APEC Leaders’ Informal Meeting & CEO Summit on behalf of Chinese youth. I thought this was the best way to publicize my hometown and Youth Olympic Games, so I took various souvenirs and propaganda flag of Youth Olympic Games to the site of summit after contacting with the organizing committee of Youth Olympic Games and strove to get the signature and blessings of the important characters of countries all over the world and at all walks of life at the spare time. It is Nanjing Foreign Language University that gives me the ability of grasping the opportunity.
As a graduate, I think I should do well and do the best to worth the six years’ studies in Nanjing Foreign Language School because the six years are my pride in my life.
Dong Zhengjing, President of Nanjing Foreign Language School  Analysis of “Talents Training Mechanism” of Nanjing Foreign Language School

Cultivating modern people with soul of China and global horizon



Dong Zhengjing is the first Nanjing Municipal Full Professor-Level Senior English Teacher and Jiangsu Provincial Special-Class English Teacher and entered Nanjing Foreign Language School at the age of 12. Nanjing Foreign Language School is a boat sailing the ocean, for which he is the trusty captain; Nanjing Foreign Language School is a lush garden, for which he is the gardener that devoted all efforts. He wins the respect of students and love of teachers and is devoted to exploring the road of the future of China’s fundamental education.
“Cultivating modern people with soul of China and global horizon” is the school-running objective of Nanjing Foreign Language School. To cultivate the tip-top innovation talents, Nanjing Foreign Language School does not build the experimental class or select and cultivate a few “geniuses” and “maverick genius”, but focuses on every student. For the cultivation of tip-top innovation talents, first, pay attention to the long-term goal and cultivate students’ potential of sustainable development; second, based on the school, inherit the “ideal character design” of Nanjing Foreign Language School; third, seize the fundamental and build the basic quality of core values; fourth, oriented on the whole students, realize the win-win of fairness and “tip-top”.
Nanjing Foreign Language School tries to take “elite enlightenment education” as a answer to “Question of Qian Xuesen”. After carefully studying the school-running concept of domestic and foreign famous universities, we bring critical rationality, pursuit of excellence and public responsibility to the core values of elite enlightenment education and take 101 abilities and 15 qualities as the basic quality cultivated by elite enlightenment education. Based on this, we build expansive, honor, activity, social and other courses and create the guarantee mechanism and ambience with multi-aspect guidance, multi-dimensional evaluation and diversified culture around the course platform. Specifically, 
First, Multiple courses to cultivate foreign language specialty,science advantages and humanistic feelings.
Min Jie and other students who are studying in Yale University say in their letter to the school: “We adapt to the foreign teaching method well because the foreign class is similar to that of Nanjing Foreign Language School, in which there are free discussions and contentions. The “structural situation-communication” teaching method of foreign language and the “motivating questioning-exploration of questions-solving of questions” teaching method of Chinese have become brand teaching methods with certain influence. The science advantages are increasingly prominent, so the construction of humanities should follow it.” The “foreign language specialty, science advantages and humanistic feelings” become the common pursuit and distinct characteristics of students of Nanjing Foreign Language Students. Based on this, the construction of school-based curriculum is the main line that runs through the elite enlightenment education so as to satisfy the personalized development and diversified needs of students. The school-based curriculum has four plates: expansive courses, which are divided into 8 classes and 260 school-based courses, thus building a diversified platform for interested and competent students.
Second, multi-aspect guidance to make every student pursue excellence and do their best.
We force students to have lofty ideals, make rational positioning, develop feasible goals and strive for their ideals and goals by class meeting, career planning, student-teacher communication, dialogue with celebrity and other methods. The school sets up “Students’ Career Planning Guidance Office” and “Students’ Overseas Education Guidance Office”, organize the forces of full-time teachers and make use of relevant resources inside and outside of the school to help students develop life planning, career planning and study planning. In addition, we also use celebrity effect to inspire the fighting spirit of students, for example, we invite the elites that create material and spiritual wealth for the society to have a dialogue with teachers and students. Li Zhaoxing, Xu Zhuoyun, Bi Feiyu, International Olympic Committee President Rogge, president of Yale and Duke University, delegation of British parliamentarians and winner of Nobel Prize and other masters and social celebrities once gave a speech at the school and talked with students, causing a strong reaction on the campus.
Third, multi-dimensional evaluation to make everyone have the possibility of “being the first”.
The one-dimensional evaluation must strangle the “tip-top innovation consciousness” of many people, so we take multi-dimensional evaluation as the main support of elite enlightenment education. We refine and enrich the “six-star student program” of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education to realized the diversification of evaluation angle while pursuing the standardization of evaluation dimension. The honors and awards are open to all the students to make them get self-efficacy. Every student is possible to get a star for different reasons.
Fourth, diversified culture to make all-inclusive become the school atmosphere.
Our international school-running lays a foundation for the diversified campus culture, the frequent international communication brings multiple elements to the campus culture, the rich campus festivals create colorful campus culture and the foreign teachers and students bring diversified delights of life to the campus culture. Tip-top innovation talents need broad vision and mind, tolerance to different views and ability of equal dialogue. We cultivate students’ all-inclusive bearing, open and confident character and habits of respecting and understanding the difference and build students’ international understanding and competitiveness in the diversified culture.
Tradition and fashion as well as main trend and margin have a space and their own values, roles, efficiency and achievement in Nanjing Foreign Language School. We tolerate the heterogeneity, understand the alternative, respect the difference and appreciate the personality. In addition to the harmony in diversity, we also conduct rational criticism, learn widely from others’ strong points and absorb the essence.