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Closely holding to the Party, pursuing dreams in the new era --- the 11th Nanjing Student Federation Congress

From December 9th to 10th, 2020, the 11th Nanjing Student Federation Congress was held at the Jiangsu Conference Center. It's an honor for me as the representative of the NFLS Student Federation and a member of the presidium of the federation to participate in this congress, which is of great significance to the youth.

In this congress, I participated as a middle school student in discussions, elections, studying, self-reflection, setting goals. I have learned a lot and wanted to share with you. I hope that through my introduction to this congress and my own insights, I can help you to get to know it, deeply feel the Party's care for the young students, and have hope for our aspirations.

The basic task of this congress is to follow and implement the Party's education policy, promote the development of students' all-round moral, intellectual, physical and aesthetic grounding with a hard-working spirit, unite and guide students to become qualified talents who love the Party, love the country, and meet the requirements of the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics, further strengthen our confidence in the road, the theory, the system, and the culture of socialism with Chinese Characteristics, consciously establish and practice the core socialist values, and work hard to realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. As a student federation for middle and high school students under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the Nanjing Student Federation hopes to play its role as a bridge and link between the Party and the government to connect with students. While safeguarding the overall interests of the country and the people, it expresses students' specific interests and protects them in accordance with the regulations and laws.

At the opening ceremony, the leaders of the municipal government read out instructions from Zhang Jinghua, member of Jiangsu Provincial Standing Committee and Nanjing Municipal Party Committee Secretary. Secretary Zhang hopes that we listen to the Party, follow the Party, further strengthen our ideals and beliefs, cultivate noble characters, and develop strong skills, so as to create a new prospect in all aspects of our work in the practice of building a "strong, rich, beautiful and high" new Nanjing with high quality and shouldering the major mission of "striving to be an example, striving to be a model, and being in the forefront". Secretary Zhang's instructions made me feel the expectations and requirements of the Party and the government for young students, and also made me feel the heavy responsibility on our shoulders.

The Student Federation advocates that every student organization be able to actively develop healthy and colorful extracurricular activities and social services, and strive to serve the students. I learned at the meeting that the Nanjing Student Federation will lead our young students in the city to continue their efforts to build an "innovative city and civilized ancient capital". As early as this August at the National Student Federation meeting, General Secretary Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory letter and pointed out that “Our country’s youth must strengthen their ideals and beliefs, cultivate noble characters, develop strong skills, be brave to innovate and create, and be determined to work hard together with hundreds of millions of people to compose a song of youth in the new era. " As the pillars of the country in the future, we should always link our personal goals and ideals with our country, and write the most beautiful spiritual chapter with "firm ideals and beliefs".

In today’s new era, the world’s political situation is changing intricately every day. No matter how much the external environment interferes with us, we all should uphold our founding principles and strengthen our beliefs in the torrent of history and the ocean of culture. We will devote our youthful enthusiasm to our motherland, fill our youthful poems with the Party footprints. We will sincerely integrate the spirit and soul of our youth into the wave of the times, because we know that as long as we "closely holding to the Party", we can "pursuing our dreams in the new era"!

Chen Ruogu