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First-aid Skills, Styles and Levels Competition: Three contestants were honored in the City's Primary and Secondary School Students' First-aid Skills Competition

On November 28, 2020 Nanjing Primary and Secondary School Students' First=aid Skills Competition, sponsored by Nanjing Municipal Education Bureau, Nanjing Municipal Health Commission and Nanjing Women's Federation, was held in Nanjing Occupational Disease Prevention and Control Hospital. The theme of the competition is ”love and rescue around”.


"Sir, sir, what's the matter with you?" "The wounded are unconscious and without breathing. CPR should be started immediately!" At the scene of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), the contestants cried for help and pulled the zipper of the "patient" clothes on their knees. Then they skillfully pressed the chest, removed foreign bodies in the respiratory tract, opened the airway, and performed artificial respiration…


In recent years, there is an increasing demand for First-aid volunteers in the society, such as traffic accidents, sudden diseases and sports accidents…First-aid nurses are needed everywhere. In the 4-minute golden rescue time, one more on-site ambulance worker will give the patient another chance to be reborn. In recent years, Nanjing Municipal Education Bureau, together with Nanjing Red Cross Society and other units, has launched rescue knowledge popularization and training for senior high school students. During the summer military training time, it has carried out rescue knowledge popularization training for the students of Senior 1. The training contents include cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), first aid for airway infarction, and trauma rescue. The bandaging techniques include knee bruise and ankle sprain bandaging techniques, which make the teaching content more targeted, closer to students and more effective


Ni Jingyuan, Qin Yunhan and Yi Qinya, from Senior 1 of our school, formed a team and participated in the High School Student Group Competition under the guidance of Gu Le,teacher in the clinic. More than half a month before the competition, three students squeezed out their spare time to learn, understand and digest the theoretical knowledge of first aid. On this basis, they repeatedly practiced the basic first-aid skills such as hemostasis dressing and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). After several days of hard training, the students had mastered the basic knowledge, operation specification and process. In the one-day intensive competition on November 28, the three successfully completed the first-aid skills operation competition (CPR and bandage) and won the second prize of student group. Among them, Qin Yunhan, from Class 7, Senior 1, won the first prize, Ni Jingyuan of Class 1, Senior 1 won the second prize, and Yi Qinya of Class 7, Senior 1 won the third prize.


Through their own hard training, they have achieved their ideal results. Gu Zichen of Class 1, Senior 2 and Li Kunpeng of Class 8, Senior 3, who won awards in rescue and national defense competitions in the past, also imparted the experience of participating in the competition. The competition is only a form of education. We will further strengthen the universal education of First-aid, health protection and cherishing life, improve the health literacy of teachers and students, and improve the ability of students to save themselves and each other!


Speech after the game:

The first-aid competition has finally come to an end. I miss the training time spent in the infirmary after class for the past two weeks. I also thank my teammates for their company, the team leader Gu Le's hard guidance, the care of the clinic teachers and the help of parents and classmates. Through participating in the competition, I realized that the use of reasonable first-aid knowledge and skills will play a great role in dealing with emergencies in daily life and how to help the wounded correctly. I hope that we can remember what we learned in this competition, and give roses to others, with fragrance in our hands.

---Qin Yunhan, Class 7,Senior 1

A few months ago, first aid knowledge and skills, to me, very strange, but also hoped to be able to learn and master. Now, I have realized my wish and participated in the competition. Thanks to the help of the teachers in the clinic and students from Senior 2 and Senior 3, they are patient and meticulous. They teach us one action after another until we all master them. Thank you all for participating in the competition. I have benefited a lot from the competition. Thanks for the game, let me learn to practice more before the game, not afraid of the game; do not panic, do well in the game.

---Ni Jingyuan, Class 1, Senior 1

It can be traced back to the day a few weeks ago when I ran downstairs to the grade group to sign up for a first-aid competition. From that day on, I spent my spare time in the clinic every day. From hand bandaging, head dressing to CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), the teachers in the clinic and the seniors who participated in the competition were responsible and rigorous in guiding us to practice. The laughter in the clinic every day, the "date" with Annie, a CPR simulator after school, and some dazzling lights in the field on the day of the game will all be my cherished memories. First-aid skill is the hope in the dark at the critical moment. When the danger comes, I hope to help others with my ability and firmly study the first aid. Thanks to the teachers, senior students and my teammates, I also sincerely hope that the team members in the future can uphold the spirit of first aid and achieve better results!