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Resonance with the pulse of the times and build firm ideals and beliefs:

The Youth League classes were given to Junior 2 smoothly

From November 16 to 20, 121 League activists of Junior 2 studied in the lecture hall on the third floor of Building E.


In the first class, Teacher Wang Shaolin, Secretary of the Youth League Committee, gave the students a League class with the theme of "the idea of youth - I want to join the Communist Youth League". The main content is the basic knowledge of the Communist Youth League, the students listened very attentively, and jotted down carefully. Teacher Wang called on students to join the Communist Youth League actively, and the students also responded, eager to become a glorious member of the Communist Youth League.

In the second class, Tao Junhan and Li Xingjian, members of the Communist Youth League Committee of our school, gave the activists a League class with the theme of "the road to a well-off society". This is a topic with a sense of the times and a sense of reality, which is closely related to every student. The speaker first introduced a story and pointed out the greatness of a well-off society in an all-round way by comparing the life of the new and the old generations. Then, focusing on the history of the road to a well-off society, the speaker described that under the leadership of the Party, several generations of Chinese people united, forged ahead and made contributions to the modernization drive. This year is a decisive year for the well-off society. The speaker called on the students to study hard and work hard to contribute to the construction of the motherland.


The theme of the third class is the excellent traditional Chinese culture. Li Meihui, a member of the Youth League Committee of the school, took the national tide as the breakthrough point, and showed the extensive and profound Chinese traditional culture from four aspects: what is the national tide, exploring the tradition, carrying forward and inheriting, and thinking and expanding. The host and students had a positive understanding of the traditional Chinese culture. The speaker called on everyone to start from around, to carry forward and inherit the excellent traditional Chinese culture, and on this basis to carry out reasonable innovation, so that more people can understand Chinese culture.


The theme of the fourth class is "Food security and clean plate campaign". Zhou Lingyuan and Peng Shuyu, members of the Communist Youth League Committee of the school, introduced the importance of food security in ancient China as a big agricultural country. In connection with hot current events and cases at home and abroad, they cited classics and analyzed the necessity of paying attention to food security and how to solve the food problem. Starting from themselves, they led the activists to reflect on it. The students were attentive to the lecture. From their firm eyes, we could see that the students will clean their plates to protect food security。


In the fifth class, the League activists learned about "labor education and social practice". Zhang Xiaoyu and Zhong Yi, members of the Youth League Committee of the school, explained the connotation of labor education from three dimensions: what, why and how to do it. They emphasized the necessity of labor education and advocated everyone to learn from model workers. From the activities around the students, the classroom was full of positive atmosphere. The students deeply realized the importance of labor education, and expressed that they should devote themselves to different social practices. The speaker hoped that we can improve our own quality through social practice and gradually grow into qualified socialist successors.


Through the League classes, activists of the League have a deeper understanding of the Communist Youth League, firm their ideals and beliefs, correct their motivation for joining the League, and make clear the direction of their efforts, so as to strive for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

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