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The first lesson of beauty starts from wearing school uniform:

The Etiquette Experience Course for Junior 2 with the Theme of "Good Words and Good Manners at Every Moment"

Etiquette is one of the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, and etiquette is equally important in modern society. On the afternoon of November 16, 2020, our school specially invited etiquette trainer Lu Fangfang to come to NFLS to give "the first lesson of beauty" – A teenager etiquette experience course named "good words and good manners at every moment"


Professor Lu Fangfang is a senior etiquette trainer with ACIC international registration, master of aesthetics of Nanjing University, course designer of Museum, founder of Zhemei Aesthetic Education Studio, and manager of Aesthetic Education Project of the magazine named Excellent Education. She has excellent professional quality in etiquette training. Her elegant temperament, proper behavior, professional explanation and rich forms make the students have a deeper understanding of the occurrence and expression of beauty, and have a more authentic experience of the norms of dress appearance and behavior, so that the teachers and students here benefit greatly, and bursts of warm applause burst out from time to time. 

In order to let students have more experience of beauty and etiquette in life, Mr. Lu introduced the history of clothing, especially the development of school uniform, so that students had a new understanding of school uniform. At the same time, the teacher also provided students with a lot of practical skills on how to choose a suitable school uniform, how to match school uniform, how to clean school uniform, and how to extend the use of school uniform.

Then the teacher talked about how to be "polite" in daily life and formal occasions, mainly from the aspects of standing, walking, sitting, squatting and shaking hands and hugging. In order to show the students more clearly, Zhou Yuhan, Ge Yuqi, Li Chenghao and Zhou Runliu from Junior 2 were invited to the stage for demonstration. At the same time, the students in the seats under the stage were instructed by the teachers on the stage to carry out proper standing and sitting. The appearance and manners of all the students were improved to varying degrees.

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This lecture left a deep impression on the students. "Beauty" comes from the heart. Through the "etiquette" shape, through the teacher Dong Fangfang's lecture, the students have a deeper understanding of "beauty" and a more specific feeling of "etiquette". All the students feel that they have benefited a lot. They share the following.

Through the etiquette lecture yesterday, I learned "Etiquette" is the external embodiment of personal cultivation and the premise of a person to live in life. "Etiquette" not only needs neat appearance, but also needs correct and elegant manners. A civilized and polite person will be welcomed wherever he goes. (Li Chenghao, Class 1, Junior 2)

Through this lecture, I gained a lot, not only improved my aesthetic, but also more clearly understood the etiquette needed to pay attention to in various occasions, which is of great help to the future social life. (Xiong Xuanyi, Class 2, Junior 2)

In this lecture, international etiquette trainer Mr. Lu told us a lot about etiquette. Starting from our familiar school uniform, she introduced to us the dress etiquette in our life, so that our understanding of the word "Etiquette" was more life-oriented, such as how to salute, walk, and sit. Let us have a new understanding and experience of "Etiquette". The knowledge attracts us and benefits us a lot. (Jiang Songyang, Class 3, Junior 2)

The teacher told us a lot about standing posture, sitting posture, squatting posture, saluting posture etc, many matters needing attention, vividly and clearly let us fully understand the "etiquette" and its importance. In life, we should all strive to be the model of "etiquette". (Guo Chuming, Class 2, Junior 2)  

This is the end of today's lecture." Lu bowed gracefully, and all the teachers and students in Junior 2 expressed their thanks for her wonderful teaching with warm applause. What's more, they turned "good words and good manners at every moment" into their pursuit and action in life.