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Fire Safe & Life First:A Lecture on Fire Protection Knowledge at the Morning Meeting in Nanjing Foreign Language School

Director Shi Zhenyin, special-grade instructor of the Emergency Publicity and Education Department of Nanjing Zhen'an Emergency Technology Co., Ltd., gave a lecture on fire protection knowledge for us. In a humorous way, Director Shi won high-quality praise and warm applause from teachers and students.


The theme of the lecture is divided into two parts: the theme of this year's fire protection: Fire safe and life first. As a matter of fact, the fire protection work of social units should follow the principle of "prevention first; combination of prevention and elimination". As we all know, the fire alarm telephone 119 is connected by three police telephones in Nanjing, 119, 110 and 122. The 119 police telephone is a special fire alarm telephone with early alarm and small loss. The purpose of firefighters to rush to the fire scene is to rescue people first, then to save things, and to save lives are professional firefighters’ mission. Life is first. When reporting a fire, it's best to dial 119 fire alarm number with a landline phone. This is because the GPS positioning system can accurately know your specific location in 10 seconds. For example, if you dial 119 with a mobile phone, you should clearly inform the family's address, house number, name, the cause of the fire, and what the combustibles are.

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Let's talk about electrical fire. The service life of lighting circuit is 10 years, that of wiring board is 5 years, that of TV and computer is 7 years, and that of refrigerator and air conditioner is 9 years. We should form a habit of looking back after using electrical appliances. What does “looking back” mean? It means you look back to make sure you have turned off the lights, the gas, the tap of the water when you leave. Look back to see whether the electrical switch is off, whether the plug is pulled out. Dormitory is prohibited to use high-power electrical appliances. Mobile phones cannot be charged for a long time. There are three kinds of premonitions in case of fire: 1. Burning smell in nose; 2. Crackling sound in ears; 3. Smoke in sight. If you find one of the three, you should first cut off the power supply, and then pick up the fire extinguisher to put out the fire. If you can't cut off the power supply for a while, you can use the fire extinguisher to put out the fire first. Never use water. The use of fire extinguisher: pull out the bolt, press the handle twice, and spray at the root of the flame three times. These are the three elements of the use of fire extinguisher, which we should keep in mind. Facing that with a fluorescent screen, like a computer or television, we must remember to spray at its back or side, to prevent the screen thermal expansion and cold contraction burst, causing injury.

The second theme is to escape. If the fire is too big to control, we must find a way to escape and save ourselves. 1. Keep calm. We should pay attention to the evacuation lines of classes, dormitories and homes. Never take the elevator. First of all, we must determine the escape channel, not blindly escape, cover the mouth and nose with wet towel, and bend to the right and orderly escape. The smoke runs upward, so when escaping from the fire scene, you should lower your head and cover your nose and mouth, bend over to escape. When you encounter the extremely heavy smoke, you should crawl forward. The smoke is emitted upward, and there is air 30 cm away from the ground, so you can survive.