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Practical Training of the Teachers’ Safety Accomplishment

On October 22, part of the head teachers of our school went to Nanjing Primary and Secondary School Safety Education Base to participate in the practical training of teachers' safety accomplishment in 2020. This training courses mainly included the medical first aid courses, the fire safety courses, the escape from high-rise buildings courses and the campus anti-riot and anti-terrorism courses. The first three groups of courses were taught in groups in turn, and the last one was taught in a unified way.

In the afternoon, the "escape from high-rise buildings" courses were being had. Looking at the three story wooden building, many teachers looked fearful. The instructor immediately asked if there were teachers who were afraid of heights. Many teachers raised their hands. The instructor then asked, "Is this the result of the hospital diagnosis?" What are your symptoms?” After a conversation, the instructor said with a smile: "You don’t fear of heights but be fearful. Today's training is a great opportunity to help you overcome your fear.” Subsequently, with the instructor's patient explanation and enthusiastic encouragement, the three male teachers took the lead in completing the fire hose descent, and the female teachers also followed. Li Wei, the teacher of our school, took the lead, put on protective gloves and walked up to the second floor. He completed the descent of fire hose in a very standard way. Since then, the rope descent and rope ladder descent had been completed more smoothly. At the same time, the instructor also taught us some basic knots, such as splayed knots, snakehead knots, and anti –disconnection knots.


The next day, we learned the medical first aid courses and the fire safety courses. Medical first aid courses mainly included CPR cardiopulmonary resuscitation, emergency hemostasis technology, trauma dressing technology and fracture fixation technology. Especially in CPR cardiopulmonary course, after detailed explanation, the instructor gave us full practice opportunities. Facing the prompt of "insufficient press" of the machine, we deeply realized the "physical work" in the instructor's mouth, and once again understood the difficulty of medical workers. The courses of fire safety mainly included the practical application training of fire-fighting tools in the early stage, flue escape under dark conditions and the use of water delivery and water jetting equipment. In this part of the course, we learned a lot of practical skills, such as in the fire scene, in addition to covering your mouth and nose with a wet towel, you could also use a T-shirt to make a simple anti-smoke headgear, and use a fire blanket to escape. In addition, the personal use of carbon dioxide fire extinguisher was also very impressive.


On the last day, all the students learned how to use anti-riot and anti-terrorism equipment on campus. It mainly included the basic introduction of the security suit, the use of conventional anti -riot waist chest fork, the use of conventional anti-riot foot fork, the anti-riot attack and defense combination of shield, the capture process of carrying equipment and the anti-riot and anti-terrorism drill of campus killing event. After that, the group leaders made a summary speech and issued the certificate of outstanding students. As the second group leader, Zhang Li, the teacher of our school, summarized the significance, content, quality and organization of the activity, which was clear and detailed. Finally, Li Wei and Zhang Li of our school won the title of "excellent students" for their outstanding performance in the training.

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