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The First Appearance of the Student Union of Nanjing Foreign Language School in 2020-2021


The wind was cool, and the fragrance of laurel was fragrant. At the morning meeting on October 19, the members of the student union of Nanjing Foreign Language School in 2020-2021 academic year officially appeared in front of all teachers and students. They were full of spirit and dignified manner, showing the good demeanor of student union cadres. The new student union expressed sincere thanks to the students for their support and briefly introduced the future work plans of the Departments in charge.


Xia Ruihan, and Chen Ruogu, presidents of the student union, and Li Xinyi, assistant to the presidents, said that they would serve the students with sincerity and practice, coordinate the work of various departments, reform and innovate the working system of the student congress, and strive to build the new student union into a learning, innovative, thinking and practical team.

Tang Mingzhong and Liu Shenyu, ministers of Learning Department, promised to hold knowledge contests and essay contests to increase learning interest and promote the reform of the School Journal, so as to make the contents of the School Journal more substantial and interesting.

Zhang Yutong and Cheng Xueling, ministers of the Publicity Department, would weekly update the Design Creativity and the "EASY NFLS" Official Account working with the Middle School News Agency. It would bring different publicity experience and campus experience for students

Shao Shiya and Zhang Ziyan, ministers of Discipline Inspection Department, said that they would improve the canteen management mechanisms, re-establish the direction of canteen inspection, give full play to the role of secretaries, and build a civilized campus.

Zhu Zhiyan and Zhang Xuanchen, ministers of Public Relations Department, proposed to strengthen exchanges and cooperation between clubs and build official account numbers with the Publicity Department, so as to build a better stage for clubs.

Fu Xuchen and Zhou Ziwen, Ministers of Livelihood Department, promised to do a good job in the ties between students and the school, to do a good job in basic work, to meet the needs of students, and to do their best to build a beautiful campus.

Chen Qixuan and Chen Zihuan, ministers of Sports Department, would adhere to the concept of "no sport, no youth", carry out sports competitions and interesting activities to help students practice sports and strengthen their physical fitness.

Chen Zexi and Wang Ziyu, ministers of the Literature and Art Department, promised to hold activities such as Good Voice, Good Figures, Good Musical Instruments and Happy NFLSers, and organized charity performances of love month to enrich everyone's literary and artistic life.

The new student union held a recruitment activity on the noon of October 13, striving to make the work of the student union more scientific and efficient, and to provide the students who are willing to serve students with the opportunity to participate in the work of the student union.


The scene of recruiting new students was very lively, and students who were interested in acting as the secretaries came to consult and sign up one after another. Through the communication with the ministers, they had a better understanding of the work of the student union, and also made clear which department that they wanted to join.

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The students carefully filled in the application form, showed their ability and enthusiasm to the student union, and expressed their determination to work as the secretaries. 

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After careful consideration, the student union had selected a number of talented and responsible secretaries to join the student union to assist ministers in their work. It was hoped that these students could make good use of the precious opportunity, be familiar with the work of the student union, experience themselves, and serve the school. 

The work of the student union needs the support and participation of every student. The new student union will adhere to the concept of "serving everyone, adding color to the campus", and strive to let more students participate in the work of the student union and campus construction. Pay close attention to the latest development of campus, actively offer suggestions, and jointly build and share. You can contact us at


With ideal mind, we can create a beautiful campus with bright sun and moon; with mindfulness and action, we can create a bright and clear world in the NFLS tomorrow. In the 2020-2021 academic year, the student union of Nanjing Foreign Language School solemnly promises that in the coming year, it will reform and innovate with sincerity, realize the ideal with practical work, earnestly implement the plans and steadily promote the work. Let's join hands to build a beautiful NFLS.