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On the 2020 Bauhinia Culture and Art Festival, amateur performers of opera showed their talents on the starlight stage.
Zhao Shiyu, Class 9, Junior 3 of our school, won the "Plum Blossom Charm Award" 

At 7:30 p.m. on October 7, 2020 Buhinia Culture and Art Festival was held in Zhongshan Mausoleum Music Stage. Zhao Shiyu of Class 9, Junior 3 of our school, won the "Plum Blossom Charm Award". He was honored to be on the stage together with Li Yijie, Tao Qi, Xu Xiufang, Li Xiaoxu and other famous opera singers to sing "Well-off Jiangsu, Plum in Blossom".

The festival was hosted by the Publicity Department of Nanjing Municipal Party Committee. Since the first grand event was successfully held in 2018, Bauhinia Culture and Art Festival has become a platform for the display of Jiangsu's literary strength and image, an exchange platform for excellent literary and artistic achievements, and a sharing platform for the people's spiritual and cultural life. As the highlight of the mass cultural performance of the 2020 Bauhinia Culture and Art Festival, the programs performed in the big show of the amateur performers of opera are all prepared by the opera fans themselves. Beijing opera, Yue opera, Henan opera, Huai opera, Yang opera and Huangmei Opera etc, 9 kinds of operas from all over the province made their debut, which fully demonstrated the strong atmosphere of the inheritance and development of opera culture in Nanjing.

There are three awards in the grand event, including "Plum Blossom Charm Award", "Plum Blossom Vitality Award" and "Plum Blossom Inheritance Award". In order to make a perfect appearance in this opera "Carnival", Zhao Shiyu, under the careful guidance of Tao Liyan, the instructor of Xingyi Club of MFLS and the head of Nanjing Youth Shaoxing Opera Troupe, rehearsed the excerpts of his favorite Yue opera, The Prince of the Desert.

After a series of large-scale "talent-show" activities such as auditions, primaries and finals, Zhao Shiyu stood out from more than 400 contestants with his wonderful performance and successfully won the "Plum Blossom Charm Award". Tao Qi, one of the judges, vice chairman of the provincial Drama Association, national first-class actor and winner of the 16th "Plum Blossom Award" of Chinese drama, highly praised Zhao Shiyu's performance: "He looks handsome, calm and elegant, and his words are straight and round..."

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