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School Year 2020-2021 Student Union President Campaign

The morning meeting begins now. Please stand up! Raise the national flag! Sing the national anthem! Salute! The ceremony is over. Please sit down.

Good morning, teachers and students! I am Wang Shuyi, from Class 1, Senior 3. I am a member of the Re-election Committee and the current chairman of the student union.


This year’s student union election will come to an end today. Wonderful campaign videos, innovative campaign slogans, deafening school gate shouting, passionate class interaction… We were all impressed.

Of course, there were also wonderful PK sessions. In the PK session for Minister of Art and Culture Division, with the theme of "Coronavirus-Fighting road" and "singing the motherland", candidates carefully prepared a song and dance performance, expressing their gratitude to the Coronavirus fight heroes and their love for the motherland with loud and clear singing and beautiful dancing posture; In the PK session for Minister of Publicity Division, candidates carefully studied the garbage classification instruction manual, and produced exquisite posters on the spot to publicize garbage separation In the canteen, the candidates investigated, studied and formulated plans, calling on students to "practice economy and oppose waste".

Now there will be a PK session for the president, and the candidates will prove their strength to the students in their own way. This PK session is divided into two parts: Presentation and debate, each with time limit. The members of the Re-election Committee will be responsible for the timing. When the countdown is 5 seconds, the students will raise their hands to indicate that the candidates should not exceed the time limit.

First of all, it’s the presentation part. Candidates will be asked to briefly introduce their policy agenda for 30 seconds. Let's ask the four groups of candidates to do the presentation in the order of the drawing lots. Welcome, please. 

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Thanks to the four groups of candidates. Next, it’s the debate part. Each pair of candidates has 15 seconds to ask a question to each other according to the policy agenda of the other party. The respondent has 30 seconds to answer the question, and the latter has 15 seconds to give feedback. According to the order of drawing lots in advance. Let's invite the candidates to choose who to ask and start your questions. Start timing.

1 1 1 1  

Through today's PK, I believe that we have deepened our understanding of the presidential candidates. I hope that according to the performance of the candidates, we will comprehensively consider the abilities of the candidates, make rational judgments and make prudent choices. We hope that you will vote for the candidates who have ideas, abilities and are willing to serve their classmates this afternoon, so as to create a more colorful NFLS campus! Let's look forward to the birth of the new student union!


This morning meeting is over. Thank you!