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Inheriting the will of martyrs and living up to the youth

On September 19, 2020, to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the victory of the Anti- Japanese War, some members and teachers of the national flag class of Nanjing Foreign Language School went to visit the Memorial Hall of Nanjing Anti-Japanese Aviation Martyrs on foot, and held an oath-taking and memorial ceremony in the cemetery. 


At 8:02 a.m., all the students gathered in the school hall, dressed in camouflage clothes, wearing a camouflage cap, one by one in high spirits, energetic. After the "start" command sounded, we walked out of the school gate to start a half day activity. The weather after the rain is always the best. The wet but not sticky air was flowing. The breeze was blowing. It was hazy, fresh, and everything is just fine. We lined up in two groups and walked slowly forward. Some students chatted in a whisper, and some students sang aloud. What a peaceful time! On the road along Xuanwu Lake, some uncles and aunts who were running in the park in the morning saw us, and they could not help smiling. Did young vigor bring them warmth and happiness overflowing?

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Finally, in the song of "unity is strength", we successfully arrived at the Nanjing Anti-Japanese Aviation Martyrs Memorial Hall. What we saw was a huge sculpture "the God of justice". A strong man with three heads and six arms rides a flying tiger and shoots arrows at Japanese fascists. The feeling of shock was in a flash, and it was all over the chest. As we walked through the stadium, plane models and exhibition boards were shown in front of us. Each line of short words was about the lives of hundreds of people. The announcer seriously introduced to us that period of history and immortal people in the years. More than 1500 people were sacrificed on the bloody Himalayan route. Some foreign friends came to China to assist in the war, and pasted on the back the blood sheet of "military and civilian co construction, rescue", and One of the most touching is the pilot Chen Huaimin.

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Chen Huaimin was a pilot of the 21st squadron of the fourth aviation brigade.

In the air battle in Wuhan on Apr 29, 1938, he was surrounded by five enemy planes, after shooting down an enemy plane, and the fuel tank of the plane caught fire. He resolutely flew into the enemy plane and became the first person to die with the enemy plane. In the later visit, we saw some of his relics, including gloves, and the book basket shared by his father. Chen Huaimin's father took part in the alliance in his early years and carried out a revolution. He passed on his loyalty to the motherland and enthusiasm for the people to his son. Once he shed his blood for the prosperous times of China

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Leaving the venue, we went to the other side of the hill to attend the oath-taking and memorial ceremony. The sun jumped out of the clouds and let out a blazing light. The stones beside us were covered with strange shadows. Facing the scorching sun, we stepped up, under the leadership of the former monitor of the national flag class. We solemnly swore that "with my hot youth, I will write praises to the national flag; with my life enthusiasm, I will defend the dignity of the national flag, and the oath giver -" even the students who were usually quiet swore out loud like a raging bell at this moment. They shouting out their inner voice and the sacred contract made with the national flag. The national flag and the school flag were in the hands of the team. They were blown up by the wind, drum up and tense. They were like the bravery of the people in this land of China and the bravery of the martyrs.

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It's time to present flowers. My heart was very heavy. The sun reminded us to remember history again. With respect and admiration, we took off the small white flowers on our chest and placed them next to the name of the owner of the tombstone. When we saw the words engraved on it, we found he was only 23 years old. For a moment, I heard the roar of the plane taking off, the sound of gunfire falling on the fuselage, and the sobbing of their families when they learned that their children and husbands had died. I believe that every brave martyr will enjoy the glory of heaven.

Thousands of Chinese and foreign aviation warriors sacrificed their lives and fought hard in the Anti-Japanese War. With their precious youth and blood, they wrote magnificent poems that were breathtaking and made great contributions to winning the victory of the Anti-Japanese War. Their heroic deeds will be recorded in history forever, and their noble and righteous spirit will shine through the ages. And we, who live in the quiet and good years, should have a tireless pursuit of peaceful life, and do not let our eyes and hearts be filled with sorrow and hatred. After all, our today was their dream.

Cherish the memory of the martyrs, look forward to the future, seize the day and live up to our youth. With the vigorous vigor, firm faith and perseverance of we contemporary young students, we should study hard, set up ambition, integrate life ideal into the national defense cause, and become the pillar of national defense like our alumnus, General Sheng Jie.