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Report on Social Practice Activities in the Summer Vacation of 2020

(Morning Meeting on September 14)


Host: Hello everyone! I am Bao Yixuan, member of the organization committee of the Communist Youth League of China.

In the summer vacation just ended, the students of NFLS carried out various kinds of colorful social practice activities.

Three generations have different childhoods and the changes show how New China stands up, becomes rich and strong. The Great Wall will never fall, and the Yellow River will surge for thousands of miles. Wu Yao from Class 4, Junior 2, had an interview with his father and grandfather during the summer vacation. He had a new understanding of the "Chinese dream". Let's listen to her speech.


I was born in a military family. August 1 is also the festival of our family, and this year was no exception. According to the requirements of school summer social practice activities, I organized a special family interview. Centering on the theme of "13-year-old youth and dream", I asked the elders to sit around the living room and look back on the years and growth together. Although this family interview has been over for many days, I still feel very excited in retrospect. My grandfather is the same age as the PRC. He joined the army at the age of 17 and had ever stationed in Northwest China for 40 years. When my grandfather was 13, he had the hardest time in the country. It was 1962. New China had just survived three years of natural disasters. Our big brother, the Soviet Union turned his face and refused to cooperate. India started a war at the border again. The people of the whole country swore to defend the sovereignty, independence and national dignity. It was common for them to tighten their belts and live without enough food. My grandfather's hometown is in the rural area of Northern Jiangsu and there are rivers and ponds all over that place. During the summer vacation, my grandfather went to catch fish and shrimps. Sometimes he was lucky enough to pick up a lot of snails, so he could have a good meal with his family. My grandfather's 13th year sounded happy and interesting, but it was more suffering and bitter. My grandfather said that at that time, he was hungry all day, and his eyes were fixed on the pot. His biggest dream was that the whole family would be able to fill their stomachs with something.

When dad was 13, it was 1986. Because of the reform and opening up, the family income increased a lot. During the summer vacation, my grandfather bought a "Peacock" brand black-and-white TV set, which was a very rare item. My father was very excited. He often invited his good friends to watch TV at home. Dad said that the most popular drama at that time was Huo Yuanjia, and the theme song "the Great Wall will never fall" made people excited. Dad said that at that time, everyone was most worried about the power cut. When the program started, but the electricity was off, and a group of people could only scratch their ears and wriggle and waited. Dad said that there are hundreds of channels on TV now, and there are so many online programs and nobody cares if there is power cut.

We this generation seem to be used to abundant food and clothing, indulge in ourselves. I don't know when we turned a blind eye to the waste on the food. We are crazy about the Internet celebrity. Those who were heroes of the country, who with lofty ideals were forgotten. Forgetting history means betrayal; never forget why we started. China's development has been on a fast lane. At the age of 13, we are in a great era. With our youth of struggle, we shoulder the hope of national rejuvenation, which is our dream to pursue.

My grandfather's "dream of food and clothing", Dad's "TV dream", my dream and the dreams of three generations are, in the final analysis, the great Chinese dream that the People's Republic of China stands up, becomes rich and strong. As long as we go on from generation to generation, the Chinese nation will be able to wash away the humiliation of the past century and get a new glory! Thank you!

Host: Thank you for your wonderful speech. Indeed, China's development has entered a fast lane, but the economic development is often accompanied by environmental pollution, garbage classification has become a hot social issue. Kao Tianxu, from Class 1, Senior 2, surveyed the garbage classification in the community during the summer vacation. Let's listen to his survey summary.


Hello everyone, General Secretary Xi pointed out: "the universal implementation of waste classification system has a bearing on the improvement of the living environment of more than 1.3 billion people, and the reduction, recycling and harmless treatment of waste." Nanjing is a mega city with a population of 9 million. According to statistics, Nanjing currently handles more than 7000 tons of domestic waste every day. Efficient and safe garbage classification has become an urgent task. Therefore, the Youth League Committee of our school carried out the theme practice activity of "garbage classification, low carbon life" in summer vacation. As a student of NFLS, I also participated in the Survey and Research on the garbage classification situation of the residential area.

After consulting the data on the Internet and determining the research problems, I started the field survey in the community. We found that the garbage sorting work in the community has been carried out. There are blue (recyclable) garbage cans and yellow (other) garbage cans in front of the entrance of each unit. The community also put up propaganda slogans on garbage classification, and arranged specific places for various types of garbage. At the same time, in order to obtain more detailed data, I counted the amount of four types of garbage generated in the family in seven days, and classified and put them into the corresponding garbage cans in the family according to the requirements. After analysis, it can be concluded that there are several ways to reduce the generation of garbage:

1. Reduce the use of plastic bags and bottles, and don't buy products that produce plastic waste.

2. Eat, save food and reduce kitchen waste.

3. Treat heavy metal products, batteries and decoration wastes with caution.

In the social practice activity, I also found some problems. Although the community has carried out garbage classification, it is far from perfect, probably for the following reasons.

1. Old estate management can not play a role.

2. The residents are generally older and can not accept new things quickly, which leads to their neglect of garbage sorting activities. There are also households access to information channel is too single, community governance capacity is not strong. In this regard, I publicized the significance of garbage classification to relatives and friends in practice, participated in the publicity work of garbage classification in the community, so as to let more people understand the necessity of garbage classification.

In recent years, with the national attention and media publicity, the public's garbage classification awareness has been enhanced. If students pay attention to this and make efforts to turn it into action, I believe that it can promote the development of waste classification and create a better environment.

On July 31, this year, the "Nanjing municipal solid waste management regulations" was approved at the Jiangsu Provincial People's Congress. The regulation will be formally implemented on November 1, which means that in two months' time, Nanjing will formally implement the "compulsory classification" of domestic waste. I hope that students will strictly abide by the regulations and insist on garbage classification. We should integrate environmental protection into our daily life. We should start from every drop and use our own exemplary behavior to drive the people around us to form a good habit and make everyone participate. Thank you very much.

Host: Thank you for your wonderful speech. In this "new era", we have more opportunities, but we are also facing more and more severe challenges. I hope that students can work together to shoulder the responsibility and create a better future together.